Aadi Adeel speak out and responses to star actress Sajal Aly

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Aadi Adeel speak out and responses to star actress Sajal Aly. Aadi Adeel jibes at Sajal Aly. While Sajal Aly fans have take big notice to Aadi Adeel for making fun of actress Sajal Aly. So lets have a look what Aadi has responses to star Sajal Aly.

Actor Aadi Adeel now a days hosting show with Faizan Sheikh. He is famous for his good comedy and sense of humor. Aadi Adeel recently joke with actress Sajal Aly. Recently in an interview Sajal Aly talk about that she reject a Hollywood project offer due to bold scene in it.

Aadi Adeel speak out

Aadi Adeel just made a little joke over social media. Like Sajal Aly he also reveal that he rejected the role of Diana with Humayun Saeed but he rejected it due to some bold scenes. This joke of Aadi Adeel spreads like a wild fire over social media. In reponse to his joke he has shared another story to clear that he was just joking nothing else to criticize anyone.

Aadi Adeel speak out

Aadi adeel wrote in his recent stories ““Its funny how i joked with @saeedhumayun and everyone lost their shit bringing in Sajal into the context without any reason lol. Joke samjhana parega The joke was the i got offer to play Diana in Crown. While he also says to Sajal Aly that don’t take it seriously he was just making fun nothing else.”

Aadi Adeel speak out

While actor Humayun Saeed was a part of this joke. He is recently offered to play a role of Diana companion Dr Hasant. Also he just made fun by saying that he was offered to play role of Diana but he refuses. Also Humayun Saeed is soon going to appear in this Netflix Series “The Crown”.

Aadi Adeel speak out

So what are your thoughts over Aadi Adeel speak out and responses to star actress Sajal Aly? Let us know in the comment box!

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