Aiman And Minal Celebrated Their Birthday With Amal

Aiman And Minal Celebrated Their Birthday With Amal

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As Aiman Khan and Minal Khan are twin sisters of Pakistani Industry. Both sisters share the same date of birth and always celebrated their birthday together. But this time it is different as Aiman Khan is in Turkey with her husband Muneeb Butt for vacations, and Minal Khan is in Pakistan. But today Aiman and Minal celebrated their birthday with Amal.

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Aiman Khan and Minal Khan both are most followed and loved celebrity of Pakitani industry. Both sisters have a huge fan following and people loved them alot. Both sisters are twins and share same birth date. This year for the first time Aiman and Minal are far away from each other on their birthday and celebrated their birthdays alone.

Aiman Khan is is Turkey with hubby Muneeb for some me time and little vacation. Aiman and Minal went Turkey without Amal for spending some quality time together. On Aiman’s birthday, actor Muneeb Butt gave Aiman a little surprise in Turkey and they share it on social media for their fans. We already seen that video of surprise and Aiman is so happy and enjoy her birthday alot.

On the other hand Minal Khan here enjoys her birthday as well. Minal Khan’s boyfriend Ahsan Mohsin Ikram with Minal’s friend throw a surprise party for Minal. And no doubt Minal loved it to the bits. Ahsan put alot of effort in it as he custom made a cak for Minal which she wished to have on her birthday.

And now when Aiman Khan is back from her Turkey trip. Aiman and Minal family arranged a birthday for both of them. Aiman and Minal celebrated their birthday with their family and friends. Amal is also there to make their birthday more hapenning and entertaining.

Let us have a look on some of the beautiful pictures of Aiman and Minal celebrating their birthday with Amal.

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