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Amal Muneeb First Birthday Bash | Aiman Khan Daughter Birthday

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The little star Amal Munneb of our industry turns one a few days ago. She is such a cutie little pie. Her birthday was on 30th august 2020 on which it is also 10 Muharram ul haram so her parents didn’t celebrate it in full swing in respect of Muharram and keep it a little low and cut her first birthday cake at home. Amal Muneeb first birthday bash happened today.

Amal Muneeb is a daughter of famous celebrity couple Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt. Aiman Khan is the most favourite celebrity actress of the industry with the highest number of followers on instagram. Aiman and Muneeb got married in 2018 and its their love marriage. Aiman Khan is very young at her marriage and at the peak of her career she decided to get married. Muneeb Butt is also a famous actor of our industry but not as famous as her wife Aiman.

Aiman and Muneeb’s daughter Amal left everyone far behind in fan following. She has her own Instagram account with 17000 followers at such a young age. Obviously her account is managed by her parents but it is her name, what people followed.

So today, Amal Muneeb first birthday bash happened in full swing in Karachi. Amal’s first birthday has been celebrated at Pakistan’s biggest indoor theme park Onderland. Her birthday theme is very flowery and very colorful. Everything is decorated in such a good manner that i is looking just a wonderful event. After many days such an event happened where many celebrities came together and enjoy. Amal is also looking very happy and enjoying her event to the fullest. Aiman Khan is also looking like a diva and she just returned her pre-pregnancy weight and we are waiting for her comeback to the industry. The event is very colorful everything is according to the theme. Aiman and Amal are also twinning in some sense. we just can’t put our eyes off from the event. we wish a very Happ Birthday To Amal again.

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