Amna Ilyas Viral Kickoff Stunt

Amna Ilyas viral kickoff stunt goes wrong

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Pakistani actress Amna Ilyas viral kickoff stunt goes horribly wrong on social media. Amna Ilyas is very famous for her blunt and outspoken reviews over social media.

Apart from this, Amna Ilyas is famous for her outclass modeling and acting in hit films like “Baaji” and “Saat Din Mohabbat In”.

Amna Ilyas

Recently, she uploads a video of a “viral kickoff stunt” tried by many people on social media.

Baaji Star Amna Ilyas participated in a famous viral kickoff stunt. Things got horribly wrong, when she uploads failed video of her “stunt” instead of deleting it. We can clearly see that she missed her shot. Amna Ilyas writes a caption “Bullseye”. In addition, she wrote a disclaimer “nobody was hurt in the making of this video and don’t try this at home”.

She posted her video of kicking a man on her head. Unfortunately, it went wrong on social media and people did not digest this thing. So her comment section is flooded with thousand of criticized comments. Regarding her Fail stunt.

viral kickoff stunt

One user wrote in her comment section” You never cease to amaze me by doing such pathetic stunts that you do to get the limelight”. Moreover another user has commented “Extremely disturbing act. Not cool at all”.

In addtion to this, another user has wrote in her comment section ” You’re trying so hard to look funny but trust me you’re not. Shame on you and on your mentality!”.

Amna Ilyas instagram
Amna Ilyas viral

People have considered her act as a disrespectful and shameless act. However, some celebrities have shown funny reactions on this post and commented fun emoji with appreciation. People have pointed out these celebrities also.

viral kickoff stunt

Moreover, Amna Ilyas has started her film debut in 2013, while she was seventeen year old. Amna Ilyas has made her career through her strong acting skills.

Above all, it seems like Amna Ilyas does not care about people’s comments anymore.

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