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Another Look a Like Of Shahrukh Khan, After Sahir Lodhi!

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Shahrukh Khan who is known as the Badshah of Bollywood who is one of the famous Khan’s and ruling the Bollywood industry for many years and his fans are not limited to India only but he is famous all over the world. As Shahrukh Khan is very famous there are so many people in the world who look alike him but now the internet is stormed with another look-alike of Shahrukh Khan.

One of the look-alikes of Shahrukh Khan is from Pakistan and his name is Sahir Lodhi. He is a famous morning show host and is also famous for his resemblance with Shahrukh Khan. On and off he also mimics Shahrukh Khan and feels proud in resembling him and own it with confidence. Although many people troll him for this and make fun of him and call him a Desi Shahrukh Khan.

Shahrukh Khan is one of the most known celebrities in the world and his fans are in no counting. Shahrukh Khan almost did a movie with every famous heroine of Bollywood and his style is different and unique.

Shahrukh Khan Look alike

Shahrukh Khan belongs to a lower middle class family and did alot of struggle in his career. He was rejected many times at the starting of his career but he never left hope and tries till he succeeds. And now he is one of the most famous and richest celebrities of India.

Shahrukh Khan’s wife name is Gauri Khan and they had three children. Two boys and a girl.

Picture of a Kashmiri boy is going viral on the internet who is resembling Shahrukh Khan lot. As some people are saying that this boy not only resembles Shahrukh Khan but looks like a real Shahrukh. But there are some people who are saying that this picture is fake and is created with the help of a renowned app called Face App. Here is the picture:

Look a Like Of Shahrukh Khan

What Are Your Thoughts On this Another Look a Like Of Shahrukh Khan? Is it real or fake? Do tell us in the comments. Thank You!

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