Non Bail able Arrest Warrant Issued against Actress Ayesha Sana But Why?

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Arrest warrant is issued against the Morning show anchor and actress Ayesha Sana. Ayesha Sana who is famous now a days for her Dialog “Bright Karen” not she is in trouble. Lets have a look into this.

Arrest warrant has issued against the morning show host, actress and theatre artist Ayesha Sana. Ayesha Sana appeared in many PTV and ATV dramas as a great actress Kanch Kay Par, Lagaan. While she also acted in drama serial for HUM TV Dey Ijazat, Ye Raha Dil and Naseebon Jali. Morover she got very famous on social media after the video of her in which she lost her temper over the staff of morning show “Bright Kren Isy”

Ayesha Sana Arrest warrant
Ayesha Sana Arrest warrant

Reportedly she is involved in cyber crime in the case of defaming her ex husband Yousuf Baig Mirza and his family. While from some time she is not working in media Industry. Lahore High court has issued a non bail able arrest warrants against the actress. According to Yousuf Mirza Baig she has posted inappropriate pictures of his wife and daughter on social media. While challah was issued against Ayesha Sana for her impropriate act of defaming Yousuf’s family. While Yousuf’s family are facing disgrace over it

Ayesha Sana Arrested
Ayesha Sana Arrest warrant

On Tuesday a non bail able arrest warrant was issued against Ayesha Sana by Lahore court for defaming Yousuf Baig family online. But she didn’t came to court on due date. From march 2021 she is not attending any court.

Beside In July 2020 she was accused in the case of 2 million Pakistani rupees fraud with a real state agent Ali Moin. He also filed a case against the actress. Not only this raid was conducted at the home of Ayesha Sana to arrest her. Ali Moin is not the only one who faces fraud many other business man and designer has accused Ayesha in fraud of money.

So what are your thoughts over Ayesha Sana Case for defaming Yousuf’s family? Let us know in the comment box.

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