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Shahrukh Khan son Aryan Khan finally got bail from Arthur Road Jail. After spending 27 days in Arthur Road Jail he is finally on the way to his home. While Actress Juhi Chawla played a big role in the bail of Shahrukh Khan son Aryan Khan. Lets have a look

Shahrukh Khan son Aryan Khan bail warrants have been issued by High Court. Also he is release now from the Arthur Road Jail. While Aryan Khan got arrested in the drug case at the cruise party with his 7 other friends. Moreover Actress Juhi Chawla has played a big role in the bail of Aryan Khan. Actor Shahrukh Khan and Juhi Chawla share the best bond together.

Aryan Khan Juhi Chawla
Aryan Khan Juhi Chawla
Aryan Khan Juhi Chawla

Actress Juhi Chawal signs 1 lakh bond in Mumbai Session court. As she knows Aryan Khan from his childhood so she signed it as a surety papers of Shahrukh Khan son Aryan Khan. Also media took some pictures of Juhi Chawal outside of court. She seems really happy at the bail of Aryan after spending three weeks in Jail. Talking to media she said “I’m just happy that it’s all over and Aryan Khan will come home very soon. I think it’s a big relief for everybody”. While she is legal responsible for Aryan Khan if he not pays money to the court.

Aryan Khan Juhi Chawla

Juhi Chawla and Shahrukh Khan both are close friend since 90’s they plays many films together as a co stars. They both appeared in many top hit movies Yes Boss, Ram Jane, Duplicate. Also she is ready several more films with SRK but she says “Of course I would love to do a film with him. Anybody will be interest in doing a film with him. But how, when, where… all this, maybe you should ask him only”

So what are your thoughts over Aryan Khan bail and Juhi Chawla main role in it? Let us know in the comment box.

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