Sarah Khan and Falak Shabbir new romantic gesture video viral over Social Media

Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir rose giving ritual doesn’t end up in flight. The couple becoming super admiring for new generation. Sarah and Falak lovely and romantic gesture are promoting love for life partners. We can’t take our eyes off from the lovely couple. Lets have a look. Zindagi signer Falak Shabir another video went […]

Celebrities expresses shocked at Horrifying Sialkot Tragedy

Sri Lankan Manager news who was tortured and brought to death has made a huge headline over the world! A Sri Lankan Priyantha Kumara who was working in Manager in a company of Sialkot. Tortured by people for blasphemy allegations . The news has became horrifically terrible over internet. Social media is flooded with video […]

Pakistani Roti making girl cut potato in video video crosses over 1 million views

Remember Popular Pakistani Roti making girl Aamina Riaz. Here is another video of Beautiful Pakistani girl is getting viral over the social media. Recently she has made a video chopping potato and shockingly it crosses 1 million views over internet, Netizens are saying MashaAllah! Lets have a look! Hazel eyed girl name Aamina Riaz has […]

Shazia Manzoor Popular Singer is trending over twitter Curious to know why ?

Chal Mere Makhna song singer Shazia Manzoor is trending over the twitter. But some people doesn’t know the trending reason? A US uncle slip on his latest tweet calling the most popular singer of Pakistan Untie and people gave him a shut up call! Lets have a look! Popular Punjabi Singer Aaja Sohniya, Mahi Aavega, […]

Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal strict rules for Guests in Wedding no phones, pictures

Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal strict rules for Guests in Wedding no phones, pictures. Most Popular couple of Bollywood now a days has finally revealed their strict wedding rules for guest! The couple is super secretive and protective over their wedding preparations but fans find ways to know about their favorite couple! Kaif’s wedding events […]

Mahira Khan faces backlash over for promting abusive relation in drama

Mahira Khan once again faces backlash over social media after showing abusive content and promoting it to television. Humsafar to Hum Kahan Kay Sachy thy Mahira is choosing content to show women abusive relationship in every other drama and now people are not ready to bear it more .Lets have a look! Mahira Khan is […]

Sanam Saeed wants to work with which Bollywood Star in India?

Sanam Saeed wants to work with which Bollywood Star in India? Are you curious to know about the Bollywood Celebrity for which Sanam Saeed can’t wait to work with. So Lets have a look to Sanam latest interview! No doubt there is such a huge competition between Bollywood and Lollywood Celebrities. Bollywood is one of […]