Beautiful Hungary’s Woman ties knot with Pakistan man

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Beautiful Hungary’s Woman ties knot with Pakistan man. A beautiful woman from Hungary tied her knot with Pakistani Man after they both meet in a Budapest University. Neitizen are in shocked after seeing this beautiful lady. Lets have a look to this cute couple.

Host Yasir Shami has took an interview of a newly married couple to his show. The bride if from Hungary Budapest while groom is from Pakistan. They both were studying in Hungary’s University Budapest. While during their interview on ask on host how did you both meet and decides to marry each other. While every one is curious about how Beautiful Hungary’s Woman ties knot with Pakistani man.

Pakistani man says that when he first meet her he told her that You are the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen”. While he says that he almost every time praises her as she is very beautiful. Moreover she also did many assignment of her husband and at last he proposed her to get marry to him.

Beautiful Hungary's Woman ties knot
Beautiful Hungary's Woman ties knot

While host also ask woman how did she feeling as she is very beautiful lady who had marry a Pakistani man. She told that she is feeling very happy also she say” Thank you very much I am very happy to be here, I am happy to be the first young wife”.

What was your reaction when he proposes you first time ” I got surprised because we were for two three month and it was very early for me”. While she also said that she first came to Karachi as her husband belongs to Karachi. But she want to visit Naran, Kaghan, Chitral and Nathia Gali. While his husband says that he she is eating all Pakistani food here “Seekh Kabab, Nehari, Birayani”. While she said that she loved Pakistani food Chicken Karahi, chana daal.

Beautiful Hungary's Woman ties knot

Neitizen are also loving the both beautiful couple. So what are your thoughts over this beautiful newly wed couple lets us know in the comment box.

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