Newborn Baby girls of Celebrities

Blessed With Rehmat, Newborn Baby girls of Celebrities

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children always bring happiness to their parents whether boy or girl. In old times people consider daughters as a burden but now everything is changed and many pray for a daughter. Because no one can love you like a daughter. Daughters bring prosperity happiness and love with them. Recently many Pakistani celebrities are blessed with Rehmat. Let us have a look at newborn baby girls of Pakistani celebrities.

Momal Sheikh:

Recently Momal Sheikh was blessed with a daughter. Momal already had a son and always wanted to have a beautiful daughter because the mother-daughter bond is something which is phenomenal and every mother wishes to have this bond. Momal was blessed with a daughter and she and her husband are more than happy and that happiness is visible on their faces. They celebrated their daughter’s birth and happily welcomed her to her home.

Newborn Baby girls of Celebrities

Fawad Khan:

Recently Fawad Khan was also blessed with a daughter. Fawad Khan is a hero himself but for his kids, he is nothing less than a superhero. Fawad’s wife Sadaf Fawad always told how great a father he is. He becomes a kid and forgets everything when he is with his kids. Fawad already had a son and a daughter. and when her second daughter came he is just so happy. He loves his daughters more than anything else.

Fawad Khan Newborn Baby

Juggan Kazim:

Juggan Kazim is also blessed with a beautiful daughter recently. Before her daughter, she has a miscarriage and she goes through severe depression because people mock her a lot for it. But now after her two sons when she came to know about her daughter she is very happy about it. She shares her gender reveal celebrations with her fans as well. And she also shows her girl’s nursery and everything before even she borns. She is very happy to be the mother of a girl. She always wanted a daughter and now when she has one she is just in the 7th sky.

Newborn Baby girls of Celebrities

Noman Habib:

Actor Noman Habib was also blessed with a girl recently. Noman Habib already had a daughter and he loves his daughter so much that it is impossible to tell that in words. When he is with her daughter he forgets every other thing. So when his second daughter came he is more than happy and he celebrated this all on a morning show as well.

noman habib daughter

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