Business Women Wives Of Pakistani Celebrities

Business Women Wives Of Pakistani Celebrities

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The world has evolved so much that now a man can’t run a whole household on its own. Now it on women as well to help in earning as well as managing households because husband and wife are two wheels of a car and car only runs when both wheels move. So now women have double responsibilities and many celebrities wives doing this effortlessly. Many wives of celebrities are working with their husbands and doing wonders. Let us have a look at businesswomen wives of Pakistani celebrities.

Humayun Saeed:

Wife of Humayun Saeed, Samina Humayun is always by his side in every way. Humayun Saeed often told his love for his wife because she is always standing with him through thick and thin. Samina Humayun started a small production house from her home named Six Sigma Plus. It is all started from home with nothing and now it is one of the biggest production houses in Pakistan and has many employees to work for it.

humayun saeed wife

Fahad Mustafa:

Fahad Mustafa is a family man and he always keeps his family before himself. Fahad did a lot of struggle in his early days and now Fahad Mustafa is a brand. Fahad Mustafa is not only an actor and host but also owns a production house of his own as well. But her wife is also helping him in every possible manner. She always stands by with her husband. Sana Fahad runs her own business of diet food with the name Diet Coach. Her company provides a diet meal from morning to night to those who find it difficult to specially make something for themselves which is healthy as well as tasty.

Wives Of Pakistani Celebrities

Muneeb Butt:

The power couple of our industry Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt always worked on screen for their fans and their fans love them so much that they are the most loved couple in the town and Aiman Khan is the most followed celebrity on Instagram. Aiman Khan took a break from her career after her wedding and her daughter but she finds it very difficult to sit home idle. So she started a clothing brand with her sister Minal Khan with the name AimanMinal Closet. And no doubt both sisters are working hard for their brand and doing everything on their own.

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt

Shabbir Jan:

Shabbir Jan’s second wife Farida Shabbir has the heart of her husband Shabbir Jan. Shabbir Jan loved her wife so much. Fraida Shabbir stands with Shabbir Jan through his thick and thin and Shabbir Jan always admires her wife for this. Farida Shabbir runs a parlor before getting married to Shabbir Jan. Farida gives an idea of starting a new business to Shabbir Jan and now Farida Shabbir along with her acting career running her parlor effortlessly and her parlor is one of the famous parlors.

Wives Of Pakistani Celebrities

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