Celebrity Sisters Of Famous Pakistani Actresses

Celebrity Sisters Of Famous Pakistani Actresses

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The showbiz industry is such a magnetic world that everyone attracts to the name, fame, and lifestyle it gives. The showbiz industry is a very different kind of file, it needs hard work and passion but in return, it gives such a lifestyle and popularity that everyone dreams of. Fame is not on every actor’s face. It is all by luck or depends on your hard work. If one family member is in this field than automatically other members get fascinated with them and also wanted to have the same lifestyle and fame. Not two siblings always get the same level of popularity or fame. There are many celebrity sisters of famous Pakistani actresses in our industry.

Some celebrity sisters are very famous and in some sisters, one is famous other is struggling hard to take her place. Some of the actresses after getting famous introduced their sisters in the industry and now they are also doing great. So we all can say that this industry as all about your passion and hard work and then it comes to luck.

Let us have a look at the story of celebrity sisters of famous Pakistani actresses in our industry.

Sajal Aly and Saboor Aly:

Sajal Aly holds a very special place in our industry and she is one of the finest actresses in our industry. She doesn’t get all this fame overnight, she worked very hard for it. When she joined the industry she did small roles, she also gave a singing audition but didn’t get selected. And now she is in front of everyone the superstar on her own.

After getting famous, she introduced her younger sister Saboor Aly in the industry. Saboor Aly is in the industry for many years now. But she didn’t have that charm and innocence which her sister Sajal has. No doubt Saboor is also a great actress and she is doing classic acting on screen but still, she needs a lot of time to reach where Sajal is now.

Sajal Aly Sister Saboor Aly

Sarah Khan and Noor Zafar Khan:

The new internet sensation of the previous few months Sarah Khan is also one of the leading actresses of our drama industry. She is someone who got fame very soon in her career. She is a very humble and down to earth actress. She is not friends with many and just not do any gossips.

She also introduced her sister Noor Zafar Khan to the industry. Noor is doing work for some years now but she is not even half to where Sarah is. Noor is beautiful but she doesn’t have that charm what Sarah has. And we don’t think Noor can ever become equal to Sarah in acting and in her popularity.

Sarah Khan Sister Noor Khan

Sana Javed and Hina Javed:

The superb actress of our industry Sana Javed, who just gave some phenomenal performance in her recent dramas and put everyone in aww because of her performance. She is just becoming better day by day. And in no time soon she will be one of the best actresses. Sana Javed is also a very decent and humble one. Never finds any controversy about her.

Sana Javed also introduces her younger sister Hina Javed to the industry last year. And not any knowledge about her sister because she never shares any of her pictures and never told anything about her before. Her sister Hina Javed did her debut from the famous drama of the year Mare Pas Tum Ho. Although she did a very small role in the drama her performance leaves its impressions on the audience. She did a very good job in her first drama and no one thinks of her as a newcomer. Hina Javed has a very bright future in the industry. And we hope she will be ahead of her sister soon.

Sana Javed Sister hina

Aiman Khan and Minal Khan:

Aiman and Minal Khan are the most popular and loved sister duo of our industry. Aiman and Minal are the most liked celebrity sisters and ruling the drama industry. Most people don’t know that Minal Khan joined the industry first and she did many TVC’s and dramas as a child star alone and then after watching her and getting inspired by her Aiman also decided to join the industry. And when she joined, she left her sister far behind from her and now she is the most followed actress in our industry with 7.4 Million subscribers on Instagram.

Minal is also a great actress and now when Aiman Khan left the industry for some time after getting married and after her daughter. Minal is becoming more popular and slowly taking her sister’s place.

Celebrity Sisters Of Famous Pakistani Actresses

Sumbal Iqbal and Kompal Iqbal:

Sumbal Iqbal is also a famous actress in our industry. Sumbal also did a lot of hard work in her starting days. She started her career from supporting roles and now she is doing he main leads of the famous dramas. She also has a huge fan following. Now when she is reached somewhere in the industry so she introduced her sister Kompal Khan into the industry.

Kompal is also young and energetic like her sister. Both sisters love to travel. Kompal started her career as a model and now she is doing modelling in the industry. Unlike Sumbal Kompal is more focused into the modelling field and she decided to be a model and pursue her career in the same field. Now let us see whether she will do some acting or not? But for modelling, she is doing great.

Sumbul Iqbal Sister kompal

Urwa Hoccane and Mawra Hoccane:

Urwa and Mwra is another famous sister celebrity duo of our industry. Both Urwa and Mawra have a different place in the industry as both are very different from each other. Both have different opinions but are super actresses. Both wanted to be an actress from their childhoods. They did theatre before joining the industry. Many don’t know that Urwa joined the industry first and after looking at her and getting inspirations from her, Mawra also joined the industry. Both sisters started their journies as a Vj’s. And now both sisters are doing many dramas and films and are doing wonders with their acting.

Celebrity Sisters Of Famous Pakistani Actresses

Amongst These Celebrity Sisters Of Famous Pakistani Actresses, Which Sisters Duo Is Your Favourite? Do tell us in the comments. Thank You!

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