FIA launches money laundering probe against Tiktoker Hareem Shah

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FIA launches money laundering probe against Tiktoker Hareem Shah after her recent video went viral over social media. She can be seen holding bundles of money in her hands. While this time FIA has taken notice against the Tiktoker. So lets have a look!

Hareem Shah is always in the headlines over social media. Just because of controversies she made. She know has to remember her presence in a whole big crowd of people. Hareem Shah is again getting center of attention over social media just beacuse or her recent controversy over internet.

FIA Tiktoker Hareem Shah
FIA Tiktoker Hareem Shah

A video of Hareem goes viral over social media. She shares her first experience with her fans that she travels first time with large amount of money. Hareem uploaded and made this video in US. She says in that video “I bring a large amount of money from Pakistan to US. So please take care while bringing amount of money because it might be trouble for you guys. Also she says that she doesn’t faces any problem saying that no one stop her or neither they can stop.

While now after the video goes viral over social media like a wild fire. FIR has started investigating about the Tiktoker money laundering or transferring details of money. FIA official said “Action is being taken against Hareem Shah under foreign exchange laws”. Also they have decided to write letter to ¬†British National Crime Agency for investigation of Tiktoker after video gets viral.

While before this her another video goes viral with husband. In which his husband confess that that due to his parents parent he has get such a good wife like Hareem. Also he mentioned that these controversies will remain continue by Hareem.

Soo what are your thoughts over FIA launches money laundering probe against Tiktoker Hareem Shah? Let us know in the comment box!

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