Groom divorces bride for dancing over “Provocative” song in ceremony

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An Iraqi groom divorces his bride during the ceremony. while the cause of divorce reason is so shocking that people are so shocked after the news has get viral. Groom divorces his wife after she dances over a provocative don in wedding. Lets have a look.

Wedding is such a special day for every girl. That they do all the things that she have thought her whole life to do in her main event. It’s a day that only bride and groom catches all attention of people. While it is so common that Bride family did dance performances and now brides are it self doing performances at wedding.

groom divorces bride

Recently a bride give performance at her wedding at Israeli song. His groom and family to such an extent that a quarrel broke out during ceremony. Groom at the moment divorces his bride. While this divorce is consider as one of the fastest divorce. But what is the reason behind that the man divorces his bride on their wedding ceremony

groom divorces bride

This Israeli song name Mesaytara’  Syrian singer Lamis Kan it translates in to ” I will control you”. While this song hurt groom family sentiments and groom at the time decided to divorce his bride because she dances at the song at her wedding.

This is not first time that because of this song a man has divorce his bride. Before this a man in Jordon broke up with his bride. because of the song that says to groom “I am dominant; you will be ruled under my strict instructions; I will drive you crazy if you looked at other girls on the street; Yes, I’m dominant; You’re my piece of sugar; As long as you’re with me, you’ll walk under my command; I’m arrogant, I’m arrogant”

So what are your thoughts over Groom divorces bride for dancing over Provoking song in ceremony? Let us know in the comment box!

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