Hania Amir doppelganger found on Social Media OMG! What a resemblance

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Hania Amir doppelganger found on Social Media OMG! You will got surprise after seeing this major resemblance of both. Hania Amir beauty with Brain suit on this diva a lot. While she is getting huge success and appreciation in every new project. Lets have a look to her doppelganger found on social media.

Hania Amir is one of those actresses who have earned fame in such a short time after coming on to screen. She has made her career debut from romantic comedy film “Janaan”. Also she did super hit project one after other in the industry like “Dil Ruba, Ishqiya, Anaa and Visaal“. While the actress made some funny dubmash on social media at first. She got the attention of Janaan film producer Imran Kazmi and later he cast him in his film.

Hania Amir doppelganger
Hania Amir doppelganger

Recently a doppelganger of Actress Hania Amir is found on social media. And OMG we are surprise after seeing the resemblance of Hania Amir with her doppelganger . Also she is a fabulous makeup artist and uploads picture on daily basis on social media.

The girl name Shai Hulud on social media is a Swedish makeup artist. Also she did makeup tutorial on websites. She has a page on Instagram name “fancymaggot”. First have a look to the pictures !

Hania Amir doppelganger
Hania Amir doppelganger
Hania Amir doppelganger

The girl resembles a lot with Hania Amir. Also she has same features and styles Hania Amir does. Talking about Hania Amir so she is recently spotted in Award show of PISA awards. Also She did most top hit movies in Pakistan ” Na Maloom Afraad 2, Parwaaz Hay Junoon, Superstar. Also the actress is working for a telefilm Dil Ke Chor.

Beside In Past she was in a relationship with Singer Asim Azhar. But later they both got separate. While their relationship made so much news on social media. Also Hania amir faces alot of criticism for breaking up with Asim Azhar.

So what are your thoughts Hania Amir doppelganger on Social Media OMG! What a resemblance? Let us know in the comment box! Thank you!

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