Hania Amir The Controversy Queen Of Showbiz

Hania Amir The Controversy Queen Of Showbiz

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Hania Amir loves to be in the news and she also knows how to be in the news. Dimple Queen of the showbiz industry is always in the controversies and she always enjoys whatever controversy she fell prey to. That’s why she can be said as Hania Amir the controversy queen of showbiz

No doubt Hania Amir is one of the leading actresses of not only the drama industry as well as the film industry and she has lots of hits to her credit. Hania always shares her thoughts without any second opinion and never thinks of Log Kya Kahen Gay. And we love her this attitude.

Here we discuss 6 controversies of Hania Amir the controversy queen of showbiz.

Snapchat Controversy:

Back in 2017, Hania Amir uploaded a picture of a man who is trying hard to get out of her picture on Snapchat. Although it was just fun for Hania people backlashed her a lot and later she removes the picture and accepts her fault.

Hania Amir The Controversy Queen

Daniyal Zafar Controversy:

Hania and Daniyal Zafar, younger brother of Ali Zafar are in a relationship according to the rumors and Hania also shares romantic photos of both but after she took those photos down and share a friendship appreciation post and friend-zoned Daniyal Zafar which was reacted sadly by Daniyal Zafar

hania amir and danyal zafar

Daan e dar Contoversy:

Hania Amir shared her unfiltered picture of acne to show everybody that nobody is perfect and while everyone loved her efforts Yasir Hussain said Daan e dar to her in his question-answer session with his fans. Hania Amir got offended and both have a tussle on social media which was later resolved.

Hania Amir Without Makeup
Yasir Hussain Tweet

Hania Asim Break up:

Hania and Asim are some of the favorite couples in the industry. And when they broke up all of the social media get on the storm. Hania and Asim never openly talk about their relationship but they never denied it too. So when Hania said that she and Asim are only friends and the whole internet is filled with memes, jokes, and whatnot. Even people also arranged a protest justice for Asim on social media and Hania Amir tackled that also very humorously.

Hania Aamir And Asim Azhar

Mangni Mubarak Hania Controversy:

This is not at all from Hania. But somehow after Hania and Asim’s breakup and someone start the tag Mangni Mubarak Hania and in no time it becomes the no 1 trending hashtag on Twitter in Pakistan. Hania being Hania just laughed at it without taking it seriously.

Lip Fillers Controversy:

Recently Hania Amir shared one of her clips on Instagram using Instagram filters and people think that she has done any sort of cosmetic surgery that went wrong. And after few days Hania told me that it is a filter and she doesn’t know that this filter needs adjustment that’s why her lips are looking extra swollen.

hania amir lips fillers

What Are Your Thoughts On Hania Amir Controversies? Do tell us in the comments. Thank You!

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