How Famous Pakistani Celebrities Joined Showbiz

How Famous Pakistani Celebrities Joined Showbiz

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Starting a new journey and making your way in it is some kind of achievement. Some people have many interesting stories to tell about their starting. While some joined it accidentally or by chance as it is written for them to be there. Making a career is something your whole life depends on. It is by your choice or sometimes it may be because of societal pressure to become a doctor or an engineer or to do a 9 to 5 job is considered to be a reputable job. Some follow their hearts and end up ding what they wanted to do. while some just dreamt of doing something different while doing some reputable job according to society. Today we will talk about how some of the famous Pakistani celebrities joined showbiz.

It is always very interesting to know the stories behind someone’s starting their career. Some have very interesting stories to tell while some got it by chance or by some luck. Some Pakistani celebrities also have very interesting stories behind their journey. Some are here for so many years and after doing so much hard work, they got the fame. While others got this fame just after their first project.

Let us talk about how famous Pakistani celebrities joined showbiz

Fawad Khan:

The superstar of our industry none other than Fawad Khan joined the industry as a singer. He had his own music band named Entity Paradigm and he is a lead singer. He also did a TV sitcom at that time Jutt and Bond. Then his band was dismissed and Shoaib Mansoor offered a role to Fawad Khan in his movie Khuda Kay Liye. From there the rise of Fawad Khan started. He became no 1 hero in Pakistan and equally praised in India. Did two Bollywood movies with famous Indian stars and got the Best Actor award in India as well.

He is now a heartthrob of many and still doing some quality projects. Fawad Khan received many awards, which include a Filmfare Award, 6 Hum Awards and, 3 Lux Style Awards. Fawad Khan is amongst the ‘100 most handsome faces’ and also his name is present in the top ten ‘Sexiest Asian Man’ lists of 2020. His fame is not overnight but is a struggle and hard work for many years.

fawad khan biography

Ayeza Khan:

Ayeza Khan is a renowned actress in the Pakistani industry. She is now one of the top actresses in our drama industry. People don’t know that Ayeza Khan Took a part in a modelling competition in her college back then and after winning that competition she entered the industry as a model. She worked as a model and then make her debut as a supporting role. After doing many supporting roles in many Tv serials, she then appeared in a lead role in 2011. And from there Ayeza Khan never looked back. She is now one of the most loved actresses in our industry. She also married to his co-actor Danish Taimoor. And now this couple is a power couple of our industry. She has won many awards as well. And now her sister Hiba Khan is also making her way to enter the industry.

Ayeza khan biography

Hania Amir:

If you have talent, then one day you will be able to find the right spot to showcase your talent. Same happens with our industry’s dimple girl none other than Hania Amir. Hania Amir’s debut film is Janaan where she is in a supporting role with Usman Mukhtar. Producers and the Director of Janaan movie were hunting for their movie cast where they saw Hania Amir’s lip-syncing on a then-popular dubsmash app, they liked her, found her, auditioned her, and selected her for a movie role. And now Hania Amir is one of the top actresses of our industry. She has not only done so many dramas but also did films as the main lead. She proves that the producer and director of Janaan did the right choice of choosing her. Talent never wasted. Hania Amir has won many awards as well.

Hania Amir biography

Hamza Ali Abbasi:

No introduction is needed for Hamza Ali Abbasi. But his story of joining the showbiz industry is very interesting. Hamza Ali Abbasi is from a family of political ground. His mother Begum Nasim Akhtar Chaudhry is a former MNA. His sister Fazeela Abbasi is a famous Dermatologist. Hamza Ali Abbasi always wanted to be an actor and he performed theatre as well. But his parents wanted him to do CSS. On his parents’ demand, he cleared CSS and joined the Police Services of Pakistan. After one day only he left his training as a police officer as he is not made for that.

No one knows that Hamza Ali Abbasi started his journey from very small roles and gradually becomes a star. His fame doesn’t come to him overnight but is a hard work of many years. He did his film debut in 2013 in the movie Waar and then became the popular hero for films as well. He has won 3 ARY Film Awards, 2 Lux Style Awards, 2 Hum Tv Awards and, 1 International Pakistan Prestige Award. Last Year after returning from Hajj and getting married he left the industry and will only work in the projects that he feels are giving some kind of message or promote Islam in any way.

Famous Pakistani Celebrities Joined Showbiz

Naimal Khawar Khan:

Naimal Khawar did not have so much to her credit but she is also one of the renowned actresses of the industry. Naimal Khawar Khan is a painter, visual artist, and a social activist. She has a public profile on Instagram and Shoaib Mansoor found her from her Instagram profile. What an aesthetic her Instagram profile is. She did a supporting role of Mahgul in Shoaib Mansoor’s film Verna and came into the spotlight. Then she did two dramas and gained immense popularity.

But after getting married to Hamza Ali Abbasi her popularity rises and she is now a very known personality of the showbiz industry. Naimal Khawar also left showbiz after getting married and now is the mother of a son too.

Famous Pakistani Celebrities Joined Showbiz

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