Iqrar Ul Hasan apologizes to nation for supporting Ayesha Ikram

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Famous Pakistani host of TV show Iqrar Ul Hassan apologize to the nation for supporting and raising voice for Tiktoker Ayesha Ikram. He uploaded a video on social media account to apologize after an audio leak . Lets have a look to the video.

Iqrar Ul Hassan is known as the best presenter and journalist. He is working for many years in ARY in his famous Program Sar-e-Aam. He has done a lot of sting operations at restaurants, food places even in police stations to reveal the actual face of corrupted people. Iqrar has exposed many people through his program Sar-e-Aam. While he always seen standing and raising voice for the victims and innocent people who are in need for help or facing severe difficulties in life.

Iqrar Ul Hassan apology
Iqrar Ul Hassan apologize

Iqrar Ul Hassan tweeted an apology last night to his tweeter. He has also uploaded a video to his Instagram after the audio leak of Ayesha Ikram and his fiance Rambo. He said that I apologize that I was standing with a dishonest girl. I apologize standing with girl, she started dealing with the people who exposed her in Minar-e-Pakistan.

Iqrar Ul Hassan apologize
Iqrar Ul Hassan apology

While Iqrar Ul Hassan apologize saying that “What ever happened with her at the Minar-e-Pakistan was wrong and we should support her “. He also said that Instead of listening harsh and sarcastic comments from Netizens he still supported her at that time. But Ayesha and her fiance started dealing with the poor people demanding high amount which they can’t afford. She herself sold her honor for money.

Iqrar Ul Hassan apologize

Moreover he also apologize on the behalf of Yasir Shami as he is not well and suffering from dengue. He said that Yasir Shami was also with him at that time to raise voice for victim Ayesha Ikram. Yasir Shami never met Ayesha Ikram before this incident. While he said that they can also check the phones of Ayesha Ikram and Rambo no evidence were found against Yasir Shami while he is only there to support her and to raise voice for her.

While on twitter only two hashtags are trending at the time one is Iqrar Ul Hassan and other one is Ayesha Ikram expose!

So what are your thoughts after reading this apology of Iqrar Ul Hassan at the social media? Let us know in the comment box.

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