Karachi based Munni find her family in India after 40 years

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Karachi based Munni find her family in India after 40 years. A video of woman named Munni from Karachi is getting viral over the social media. She reveals that she belongs to Moradabad city in India. While she also told about her neighbour hood. After 40 year she met her family living in India . Lets have a look!

A woman named Munni claimed that she belongs to Moradabad in India. She was first sold in Dehli and then she came to Pakistan. Through social media Munni met her family member after 40 years. First his brother didn’t recognized her but then she told him about his neighbour hood and family members. She is living in Pakistani with name Bushra. Have a look to viral video.

16 year old Munni was taken to Dehli by her uncle. Later she successfully escape from their but. Unfortunately she was sent back to Pakistan by Human Traffickers. Munni family and father locate her and struggle constantly finding her for 2 years. But they they were fail to find her and declare her dead.

Munni find her family after 40 years

First his brother doesn’t recognize Munni but later she told the names of all family members and his brother recognize her that she is her eldest sister. Munni Brother Akram recognizes his eldest sister. According to Indian media Munni told that Sajjad Haider save her and change her name to Bushra. After getting married with him she is spending happy life. She also have four children but she always want to meet her family member.

Munni Brother requested Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to issue a visa for his sister so then she can visit india to meet them. This story bring tears in everyone eyes. It also resembels to famous Indian movie story Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

So what are your thoughts over Karachi based Munni find her family in India after 40 years? Let us know in the comment box!

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