Actress Kubra Khan appreciates little things in life after testing positive for Covid

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Actress Kubra Khan seems appreciating little things in life after testing positive for corona. Actress Kubra Khan shares her little experiences in life on Instagram. Lets have a look.

Alif Star Kubra Khan has shared her experiences in life. Recently she has shared a news with his fans about her corona test . She get test positive results in covid 19. Now the actress is feeling better.

Hum Kahan Kay Sachy thy star Kubra Khan has earned a lot of appreciation from many projects. Her recent drama Hum kahan Kay Sachay Thay is the most viewed drama on television now a day. While she is a versatile actor. No doubt! she has done such and amazing acting in a negative villain. While not only this her character of Husn-e-Jahan was also mind blowing. She acted beautifully in this character.

Actress Kubra Khan
Actress Kubra Khan
Actress Kubra Khan

Fans who are watching her recent drama Hum Kahan Kay Sachy get surprise after they know about actress nursing herself to get back to health after testing positive for covid 19. While recently she has shared her picture to her Instagram to inform her friends about her recovery from covid and little experiences in quarantine life.

She said that “We as human beings.. have the funniest scales to measure what’s a big or a small deal. We are waltzing around this world given temporarily to us taking everything and everyone for granted. Something as many would say “ as small as smelling the morning tea” or “ Breathing in a normal rhythm”.. it’s basic.. normal isn’t it?

she further wrote “I tested positive for Covid a little while ago. And all these “small things” didn’t feel so small anymore. Grateful to Allah (SWT) I am on a road to recovery now.. this morning I smelt a hint of my tea… and bawled out in tears out of gratitude to Allah. In the past week.. I had chicken karahi.. Nutella cake.. chocolate brownies.. all my favorites in front of me.. I couldn’t taste or even smell any of them. All that we work for.. weren’t able to lift me up.. but a “small thing”.. smelling chai” that all Allah (SWT) made possible”.

Actress Kubra Khan

While she was trying to told about little blessings in life “I guess what I’m trying to say.. is that.. it’s important to strive to live your best life and become the best version of yourselves.. I do it myself.. and it’s normal to complain about “the big things”.. Paisa kapra aur Makaan..” as well.. I do that too.. but not disregarding the Luxuries we’ve been given by Allah ( SWT). Gratitude.. changed my life. Realizing the “ small things are the real big deals” changed my life. So here I am.. in a shirt that I haven’t changed in the past three days.. make up-less.. filter less… energy-less.. but Grateful to the max. Allah is Great ❤️”.

Kubra Khan friend Mirza Gohar has also sent her flowers and balloon of Get well soon Kubi Kay. While she wrote in her status that “I have the best friends ever Evaahhhh”.

So what are your thoughts over Kubra thoughts about little blessings of life which she experiences in covid? Let us know in the comment box.

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