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One of the biggest blessings of Allah is children. And what children one should ask this to those who are yearning for one day and night. Children are such a blessing that when they came to one’s life it changes the whole way of thinking. Every father when holds his little one in his arms, the state of heart changes and the father feels so blessed to have a smaller version of himself. In this world, only a father is a one who wants that his son gets success more than his own self. The Father-Son bond is the best one. Father wanted the best for his son always. In the showbiz industry, there are some proud fathers of a little prince’s whose whole life changes after their sons.

Let us have a look at little princes of showbiz superstars:

Faysal Qureshi Son:

Faisal Qureshi’s son Farman is few months old and Faisal Qureshi’s whole style of living has been changed. Farman is not Faisal’s first son. He already had another one in his life but as he has divorced his first wife so his firstborn son was with her mother in London. But since Farman came into the world. Faisal is so happy and feeling out of the world. His days start with Farman and end with Farman. He wanted his son to be the most successful in this world.

Faysal Qureshi Son

Hamza Ali Abbasi Son:

A few days ago, Hamza Ali Abbasi has been upgraded to a father. As a little prince came into Hamza’s life his face shows his inner happiness and peace. Hamza Ali Abbasi when shared his son’s photo he wrote My World for his son, this shows his love for his son. Hamza Ali Abbasi left the industry for a long time but people still wanted to hear from him. He wanted his son to be the best version of himself.

Hamza Ali Abbasi Son

Feroze Khan Son:

Feroze Khan also left this industry as he finds his peace in Allah’s path. When Sultan his son came into his life he got more determined for his journey. He got the strength from his son what he needed the most. His son is one of the main reasons for such huge changes in his life. His posts show how much he loved his son and thinks about him every minute,

Feroze Khan Son

Ayaz Samoo Son:

Ayaz Samoo is a great actor but never gets such attention as nowadays he is getting in his latest drama serial Nand. As Ayaz Samoo is also becoming a father of a son recently so his whole personality changes. Whenever he looks at his son he is in another world. He looked at his son’s little hand and feet and admired them so much and his old childhood memories start playing in his mind.

Showbiz Superstars Ayaz Samoo Son

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