Meera Jee recent picture has left Netizens confuse “flaunt baby bump” ?

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Meera Jee recent picture has confuse Netizens “flaunt baby bump” ? Baaji Star Meera Jee one again became a part of Netizens criticism after uploading a new picture to her Instagram. Netizens are confuse Is Meera expecting or does she is posing ?

Meera Jee once again became talk of the town just because of her over confidence. Sometimes seems sometimes she her self gave people chance to gave her attention. After a lot of blunders she made confidently she is a “Scandal Queen”. Well everyone knows that how much she love to talk in English.

Meera Jee baby bump

Recently Meera Jee shared a picture from Awards in a beautiful stunning floral dress. While Baaji Star Meera Jee became a big part of criticism for the pose which she choose to upload on her Social media account. In this picture seems like she is expecting a child or a flaunting baby bump is seen in that picture. Have a look to the picture.

Meera Jee baby bump
Meera Jee baby bump

Netizens have very sharp eye. They never leave any chance to criticize or get some funny meme material for a moment. Sometimes just because of some stupidity they faces difficulties. A fan said that “She ruin the whole dress only by posing it wrong” While many fans started congratulating him mocking her regarding this pose.

While Meera Jee got nominated for the film Baaji at IPPA awards. Also there actor Osman Khali butt seen posing with the Baaji Star Meera Jee. They all won award for Baaji as best film. Also she congratulated the whole team of Baaji to her Instagram. Besides different time she became a part of criticism because of different controversies.

So what are your thoughts over Meera Jee confusing post made netizens think about her flaunt baby bump or a pose for a pic? Let us know in the comment box!

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