Model Mathira reveals that she have 40 tattoos on body

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Model Mathira reveals that she have 40 tattoos on body. Mathira is known for a lot of controversies every time she made! While she is a girl with outspoken attitude and boldness over social media. Mathira made a new shocking revelation over social media. She has 40 tattoos over her body! So Lets have a look to this.

Mathira is a pakistani actress host and model. She has hosted several television shows. Also she did Item song in film Main Hoon Shahid Afridi. She is famous for bold attitude and her confidence. She never fear to wear revealing clothes and posting that pictures over social media.

While Mathira was recently got invite at the interview of Ahsan Khan show. She reveals that she has more than 40 tattoos all over her body. Also she says that I have tattoos on my whole spine. Basically its French symbols, Also she says that she has hand of hamsa over her chest. While she says that she also have Arabic tattoos over the body it’s a sign of good luck, also she said that “I have a tattoo over my chest and it means loyalty”.

Also Mathira said that She has a tattoo name of her ex husband. She give advice to viewers that “never tattoo your partner name. He will left but tattoo doesn’t left. While she loves to get different tattoos over her body. Mathira always shows her tattoo over chest in every picture.

Also in one of her recent interviews she reveal about her ex husband. She told that to she did every thing to save married life. Also she says that If a relationship is abusive it will remain abusive. To save her married life she did home chores, wash clothes’ with hands, also she used to cook food but all this doesn’t help to save her relation.

So what are your thoughts over Model Mathira reveals that she have 40 tattoos on body? Let us know in the comment box! Thank you.

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