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Naimal Khawar Dance And Public Reaction

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Naimal Khawar has only 2 projects in her name, but she made her name and got so much popularity because of her these projects. Naimal Khawar married a heartthrob Hamza Ali Abbasi and her popularity gets increased 100 times more. Naimal Khawar left the showbiz industry before getting married and Hamza Ali Abbasi also left the industry after performing Hajj. In this article, we will talk about Naimal Khawar’s dance at her sister’s wedding and public reactions.

Naimal Khawar’s sister Fiza Khawar is a lawyer and a human rights researcher. She got nikkahfied at the starting of 2020 in the month of February. And now she is getting married.

Naimal Khawar and Hamza Ali Abbasi just returned to Pakistan to attend Fiza Khawar’s wedding. Fiza Khawar’s wedding festivities have been started. A few days earlier her mayoun ceremony was held and then dholak. Last night Fiza Khawar’s mehndi took place.

Fiza Khawar wore an Elan assemble on her mehndi night and she made a gorgeous bride. While her husband Abdullah Khan wore a yellow dress from Nomi Ansari and their couple is just looking very elegant together.

Naimal Khawar

while Naimal Khawar wore the Mohsin Naveed Ranjha’s ensemble and Oh My God she looks breathtakingly gorgeous. Naimal Khawar and her sister also dance on Fiza Khawar’s mehndi and her dance got viral on the internet and people are not just stopping at it and trolling her and Hamza Ali Abbasi.

Naimal Khawar Sister Fiza Khawar Wedding

Hamza Ali Abbasi left showbiz for Islam and he always sharing his journey towards Islam and points out different things as well. He once said about dancing on item numbers too so people now criticizing Naimal Khawar for dancing on her sister’s mehndi.

People are also advising Hamza Ali Abbasi to first look upon his family first rather than giving lectures to others.

Lets have a look on peoples reactions on Naimal Khawar Dance :

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