New Faces of Pakistani Drama Industry

New Faces Took Over Pakistani Drama Industry In 2020

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There are always many new additions in the Pakistani drama industry and film industry from time to time but only a few of the actors impressed the audience with their acting skills and leave an imprint of them. With the advent of private channels, one of the great benefits is new talent got so many opportunities to showcase their talent and this is one of the reasons we are seeing new faces a lot now.

New faces who are joining the industry now are very passionate and hardworking. Acting is not easy work it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and experience to reach a certain level.

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Have a look at new faces who took over the Pakistani drama industry with their brilliant acting.

Hareem Sohail:

Hareem Sohail is a daughter of a famous actress Beena Chaudhry. She debut from a drama serial Ghissi Pitti Mohabbat. She is doing very bold and unsual role in her debut drama and people are liking her character and acting alot. It is definetly a bold choice of her in a starting of her career.She is doing great even working with the famous actors as well.

Hareem Sohail

Tania Hussain:

Tania Hussain is a daughter of Pakistan’s famous model who started acting recently. Tania made her acting debut with the famous drama serial Kashf. She is in the supporting role and doing great acting. Tania Hussain is playing her role very impressively as her role in the drama has many tranformations. People are loving her acting in the drama.

Pakistani Drama Industry Tania Hussain

Abbas Ashraf Awan:

Abbas Ashraf Awan is working in drama serila Sabaat and this is his debut drama. Everyone is hating Atif in the drama and this is what great actors can do, they can make you feel loved or hate a character because of their acting. Abbas Ahraf is a hero material and with some grooming he can be fit into any lead role.

Young Pakistani Drama Industry Actors Abbas Ashraf Awan

Sehar Khan:

Sehar Khan has started her career last year and now she is doing some lead roles as well which are not in very famous dramas but she is doing great work. Her new role Roshni in drama serial Mushk ic getting attention because of her acting. so without mentioning her name this list is incomplete.

Sehar Khan

Maha Hassan:

Maha Hassan is also a new face in the industry. She started her acting career with 2 famous dramas this year. Ishqiya and Nand are very different projects and have a great margin for acting. both of her characters are very confident and she is doing great in them. One thing we can say is that she is very wise in choosing her characters and this thing will benefit her in a long run.

Maha Hassan

Dur e Fishan Saleem:

Dur e Fishan Saleem started her acting debut from a supporting role in a drama serial Dil Ruba. She is a graduate of the University of London. Her screen presence is very attractive and she has a kind of acting skills that can impress people. She is doing great and people liking her a lot. We wish her great success in her career.

Durr e Fishan Saleem

Mujtaba Abbas Khan:

Mujtaba Abbas made his acting debut with a drama serial Tera Ghum Or Hum. Although his role is supporting he breathes life into his role with his acting. He has such a great dialogue delivery and is a great actor. People are loving his acting and he has a long way to go.

Pakistani Drama Industry Mujtaba Abbas Khan

Ameer Gillani:

Ameer Gillani is one of the actors who got a leading role with many famous stars early in their career. Ameer Gillani is currently coming in the drama serial Sabaat and his acting debut is in the drama serial Log Kya Kahen Gay. He started his journey with modeling and he always into performing arts. Ameer, when offered Sabaat he did his homework on his character and lost his weight for the character as it is character’s demand. This shows that he is very serious about his acting career and he wanted to go a long way in this field. The audience really liked his acting skills and wanted to see him more in the upcoming dramas.

Ameer Gillani

Which New Face In Pakistani Drama Industry In 2020 You Are Liking? Do tell us in the comments. Thank You!

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