Noor Bukhari got angry over accused Zahir Jaffer not convicted

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Noor Bukhari got angry over accused Zahir Jaffer for not getting conviction. Recently she has shared a story to her Instagram. She is angry after the lack of action against Zahir Jaffer after his confession. Lets have a look.

Court indicted Zahir Jaffer and 12 other in the murder case of Noor Mukadam. court also frame charged against Zahir Jaffer and his parent, including his three household workers and six work employees in the murder case of Noor Mukadam.

Noor Mukadam case

Noor Bukhari is seem very angry on social media. She shared her reviews over Noor Mukadam case. She wrote “Shame Shame on our system this guy is taunting every one by admitting everything and still no getting punishment” While after the court hiring and no punishment have been given to the accused Zahir Jaffer, Netizens are angry over it.

Noor Bukhari Zahir Jaffer

People are also agreeing over her statement as he has not given yet any punishment . Netizens are also shaming judicial system and police for this. A user commented” Agreed. Shame on this judicial system and police. Good for nothing”. Moreover another one said regarding the case and about the accused Zahir Jaffer “Agreed. This is unbelievable…what evidence they need all they waiting people will forget about this case and he will be send to foreign country …shame indeed”

While Judge Ata Rabani inducted the accused and all 12 including Zahir Jaffer and his parents pleased not guilty for the charges. While court has given the next hiring on October 20 to start the trial. Islamabad High court has announced to complete the trial in two months.

Noor Bukhari Zahir Jaffer
Noor Bukhari Zahir Jaffer

While Zahir Jaffer said in court that Noor represented her self for sacrifice. He was constantly interfering saying and pointing out the Therapy Works employees. He said “These people enter into my house, Noor Mukadam wanted to be sacrifice she represented her self.

So what are your thoughts over Noor Bukhari demanding punishment for Zahir Jaffer? Let us know in the comment box.

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