Pakistani Actresses and Short Hair Trend

Pakistani Actresses and Short Hair Trend

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Most actresses hesitate to experiment with their hairs and cut them short, it is mainly because hairs took time to grow back again. And another reason for not cutting hair short is because they are doing projects one after the other and their entire look gets monotonous. But now when there are so many things like hair extensions and weaves are present to fulfill the demand of any project so many Pakistani actresses are daring to cut their hairs short and no doubt they are flaunting their looks and now it somehow becomes a trend that every other girl is following.

Lets have a look on Pakistani actresses and short hair trend:

Alizeh Shah:

Alizeh Shah recently cut her hair into a bob cut. Alizeh is a very young and talented actress and she doesn’t hesitate to experiment with anything new. After her drama Mera Dil Mera Dushman, she decided to experiment and firstly she dyed her hairs and after few months cut them into bob cut. This hairstyle suits her a lot and now she is looking more of her age and rocking her short hair.

Hania Amir:

Hania Amir is very experimenting and confident with her self. She loves to have unique hair colors and accessories in her teenage, but after joining showbiz she understands that she cant dye her hair in different and unique hair colors but she can easily play with her hair length. Hania always changing the length of her hairs and always rocking her short hairs.

Iqra Aziz:

Iqra Aziz is a brilliant actress but apart from her acting she also changed many things in the media industry. She changed the mindset that actresses need to be of a good height. Iqra’s height is not very tall but her acting is so powerful that her height never became a hurdle in her carrier and the same is the case with her hairs. She cut her short and proved that if a person is skillful nothing can stop her. Iqra looks great with her short hair and she rocks the look.

Nimra Khan:

Nimra Khan also loves to experiment with her wardrobe choices, her looks, and her hairs too. She decided to change her look and went quite short with her hairs but she looks super cute and beautiful in her new look. And her short hair compliments her face cut.

Sania Saeed:

Sania Saeed recently joined the short hair bandwagon. At once Sania decided to get a hair cut and he went all out and get a wedge cut from the famous Tariq Amin. Sania always carries the same hairstyle all through her carrier but her recent look is very refreshing and she is rocking her chic hairstyle very confidently which is a great thing. Sania Saeed is looking lovely in her wedge hair cut.

What Are Your Thoughts On Pakistani Actresses and Short Hair Trend? Do You Also Want To Join The Short Hair Trend? Do tell us in the comments. Thank You!

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