Pakistani Actresses in Halime Sultan Matha Patti

Pakistani Actresses in Halime Sultan Matha Patti Style

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Famous drama serial Ertugurl’s character Halime Sultan is famous for her beauty as well as her styling in the Turkish drama. Her outfits and accessories are very special and represent a special era. Turkish drama Ertugurl Ghazi is basically a historical drama based on the life of the Muslim leader Ertugurl Ghazi from the 13th century. Ertugurl Ghazi’s son Osman Ghazi was the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

Ertugurl Ghazi Drama Cast

Halime Sultan aka Esra Bilgic is playing the role of the main lead in the drama serial. Halime Sultan got a lot of popularity in Pakistan, after the Turkish drama serial on aired on Pakistan National Tv.

Halime Sultan and ertugrul ghazi

Halime Sultan’s styling gets a lot of attention and her accessories have become a fashion trend. Halime wears a special type of matha Patti in her drama. In Pakistan same type of Afghani, Matha Patti always remains in style because it is a traditional element for Pashtuns.

Halime Sultan Matha Patti

Our Pakistani actresses wear the same style Halime Sultan Matha Patti and they looked beautiful too.

Lets have a look on Pakistani Actresses in Halime Sultan Matha Patti Style.

Ayeza Khan:

Most people say that Ayeza resembles Halime Sultan, and people also call her Pakistani Halime Sultan. Once she wears such style Matha Patti and looks gorgeous as always.

Ayeza Khan in Halime Sultan Matha Patti

Hina Altaf:

Hina Altaf is a young and energetic actress of Pakistan. She always tries new fashion trends. She also wears this Matha Patti and looks more beautiful than ever.

Hina Altaf in Halime Sultan Matha Patti

Sumbul Iqbal Khan:

Sumbul Iqbal Khan plays a Kashmiri girl role in a Pakistani drama serial Neelum Kinarey. In that drama she has a relative same get up as Halime Sultan in her drama. This Matha Patti really suits Sumbul Iqbal.

Sumbal Iqbal Dramas

Arisha Razi and Sara Razi:

Sisters Arisha Razi and Sara Razi went on vacation to the northern areas of Pakistan. There both sisters wear the same style matha patti and share their pictures. Both are looking very gorgeous.

Arisha Razi and Sara Razi on Vacations

Kinza Hashmi:

Kinza Hashmi is also a young actress in the Pakistani industry. She is also gaining popularity through her hard work. Kinza Hashmi also tries this trend and wear this Matha Patti. No doubt she looks very beautiful.

Kinza Hashmi in Matha Patti

Ainy Jaffri:

Aniy Jaffri just has a Pashtun themed mehndi function at her wedding. She wears a pishwas and styled it with this Matha Patti. She looks so elegant in this look at her wedding. It suits her a lot.

Ainy Jaffri Wedding pics

Kubra Khan:

Kubra khan belongs to a Pashtun family. Kubra Khan also wears this style Matha Patti once. And wow! She looked just amazingly gorgeous. Matha Patti suits her.

Kubra Khan Halime Sultan Matha Patti

Amongst These Pakistani Actresses in Halime Sultan Matha Patti Style, Which Actress Looks More Beautiful? Do tell us in the comments. Thank You!

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