Pakistani Actresses Negative Roles That Got All Praises

Pakistani Actresses Negative Roles That Got All Praises

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Pakistani drama industry is one of the best drama industry in Pakistan. And Pakistani dramas are famous all over the world because of their stories which are mostly very close to reality and people can relate to them. Most actresses don’t want to act in a negative role because people take it very seriously and they afraid of having a negative impact on their personalities. But some celebrities love to take challenges and whatever they do, they do it with so much perfection that people love their negative roles more than the heroines of the drama serial. Leta has a look at Pakistani actresses’ negative roles that got all praises.

Faiza Hassan:

Nowadays very popular Drama serial Nand is on airing on Ary Digital and Faiza Hassan is acting as a nand in that drama serial. The story revolves around the evil nand who has a stronghold in her parental home even after getting married. And she can’t tolerate that his brothers love their wives and she starting making their lives miserable. Even Minal Khan is the main lead of the drama but Faiza Hassan with her strong acting and classic dresses take all the praise and Minal Khan is left far behind in this drama serial and all the talking is about Faiza Hassan.

Faiza Hassan Nand Drama

Minal Khan:

Minal Khan always works in positive characters and her acting is just outstanding and people love her innocent face and beauty. But in the famous drama serial Jalan, Minal Khan just shocked everyone with her character Neesha. She just not only makes her expressions stridulous but also changes her style of talking, sitting, and walking. Minal Khan just acted so brilliantly that she left Areeba Habib, who is the main lead of the drama far behind and took all the limelight to herself.

Minal Khan Jalan Drama

Ayeza Khan:

In super hit drama serial Mery Pas Tum Ho, Ayeza Khan both have positive and negative characters but her negative character gets all the attention. The role of Mehwish in this drama is the best one of her whole career. The whole character of Mehwish, her superb acting, and gorgeous dresses make this a drama super hit and impossible to keep one’s eye from Ayeza Khan.

Pakistani Actresses Negative Roles

Hania Amir:

Hania Amir has such an innocent face that people have a soft heart for her. But in the drama serial Dil Ruba, Hania’s negative character and her acting make everyone shocked. It is a negative character but Hania Amir left every positive character of this drama far behind.

Pakistani Actresses Negative Roles

Sanam Chaudhry:

Although Sanam Chaudhry is not a big actress but her acting in the drama serial Ghar Titli Ka Ghar is the best one of her. She works so hard on her negative character and builds so much in this character that the main lead Aiman Khan is seen nowhere around her superb acting. This drama is a hit just because of Sanam. She plays the role of an unloyal friend who cheats on her best friend and marries her husband. This is Sanam’s best drama serial and everyone loved it

Pakistani Actresses Negative Roles

Which Of These Pakistani Actresses Negative Roles, That Got All Praises Is Your Favorite One? And Who Did Best Acting? Do tell us in the comments. Thank You!

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