pakistani actress weight loss tips and journey

Pakistani Actresses Weight Loss Tips and Journey

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Acting and Modelling are such kinds of fields in which one has to be presentable, slim, smart, and beautiful. These are a few things that are a must in any actor and actress. And this industry is all about comparisons, jealousy, competitions, etc. Every actress tries to be beautiful and be in shape, and for this, every actress can go beyond their limits. Some Pakistani actresses went for plastic surgeries, botox, skin tightening, and so many other things. And the same Pakistani Actresses Weight Loss is the case for.

Every other actress is on some special kind of diet or doing some difficult exercises just to be in shape. It is a good thing to eat healthily and take care of yourself but if you are already in shape then you don’t need to enter in size zero competition. Everyone’s physique is of a different kind and one should be comfortable in her own self.

So some Pakistani actresses took this size zero competition very seriously and lost so much weight in very less time that people get shocked by their major transformation.

So let us have a look at these Pakistani Actresses Weight Loss Tips and Journey

Nimra Khan:

Nimra Khan is already in the news these days. But here we are talking about her weight loss. She doesn’t need this weight loss transformation she is in a good shape but she did it. She lost 8 kgs in one week that is huge. She told in n interview that she did a special egg diet, in which all you can eat is egg and different things made with egg. She also said if she feels very hungry she only eats an apple. This is how she did this major transformation.

Pakistani Actresses Weight Loss

Mawra Hocane:

Mawra is not only popular in Pakistan but also in India as well. She is a very great actress and done so many dramas. She is always been slim and smart. But recently she shares her picture in which it’s visible that she lost so much of her weight. People don’t like Mawra’s transformation and they criticize her a lot and think that she is not at all looking healthy but looking like an old ill girl and she should increase her weight.

Mawra Hocane Weight Loss Journey

Uroosa Siddiqui:

From the very beginning of her career, Uroosa is a healthy-looking girl and people loved her in that way. She is same on her wedding too but now after her son’s birth she at once loss so much of weight and people start asking her the ways that how she lost so much and now came in the competition of size zero. On which she said that she didn’t follow any diet instead she just controlled herself and eat-in portion control and her weight automatically starts decreasing. She also changed her style of standing also which make her look more leaner. But no doubt Uroosa is now looking more confident in her new weight and people are also liking this change in her.

uroosa siddiqui weight loss journey

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