Pakistani Actresses Who Have Bad Dressing Sense

Pakistani Actresses Who Have Bad Dressing Sense

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Pakistani Actresses Who Have Bad Dressing Sense dressing is an art and not everyone knows this art. Pakistani actresses are now started doing experiments with their looks for their fans or for dramas but they are lacking in styling themselves and are looking moe weird. Let’s have a look at Pakistani actresses who have bad dressing sense.

Anmol Baloch:

Anmol Baloch looks very decent in eastern outfits but whenever she shares a picture in any of the western dresses she looks very odd. Her sole purpose of wearing a western dress is to reveal her body and whether she wears a formal or casual western outfit she shares her photos in very indecent poses and that doesn’t suit her too. She never understands that one can wear a western dress ina decent ad stylish manner with some decent poses.

Yumna Zaida:

No doubt Yumna Zaidi is one of the finest actresses in our industry. And she looks so elegant and classy in any eastern outfit she wears. Although she herself understands her body shape and never wears anything that doesn’t suit her. But for her upcoming drama serial her pictures are all over the internet in the western outfit and that is clearly not her type and doesn’t suit her. Not every western outfit doesn’t suit her. In jumpsuits or any casual tracksuit, she looks good but she is definitely one of those actresses who can pull off different looks.

Alizeh Shah:

Alizeh is young and beautiful but unfortunately, she lacks a sense of dressing and style. She needs a lot of grooming and a better stylist. She can pull off any eastern look whether casual or formal but her body type is definitely not for western outfits. Although she never wears any revealing dresses her poses make the dresses more tacky and odd on her. She needs to understand that there is a fashionable and decent way of wearing western outfits.

Aamna Malick:

Recently Aamna Malick posted her photos in some western wear and we just shook to see that she has the ability to make a simple pair of jeans that looks revolting. Aamna Malick looks very decent in her dramas as she is wearing eastern outfits there. We think she has to understand her body type and physique first and then did some experiments. Otherwise, she should stick to wear eastern outfits more.

Sarah Khan:

Sarah Khan is one of the stylish and always wears classy and elegant dresses. But in her recent hit drama serial Sabaat her whole look is very bossy and she is wearing western in her whole drama but she is not at all comfortable in wearing any of those dresses. Although many big international brands sponsored her looks still none of her looks is mesmerizing because she herself is not comfortable. We can clearly see her discomfort in drama, when she sat in some of her scenes she covers her legs with her pullover or a cape to cover up herself. And some of her trousers were so long that she has to wear a long heel to cover it and in that heel, she can’t walk properly and making those dresses.

Sarah Khan should wear only eastern outfits as she is comfortable in them and when you are comfortable everything looks good on you whether eastern or western.

Which of These Pakistani Actresses Who Have Bad Dressing Sense Is Your Least Favourite In Dressing? Do tell us in the comments. Thank You!

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