Pakistani Actresses Who Join Media After Their Marriage

Pakistani Actresses Who Join Media After Their Marriage

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The showbiz industry is still considered as a non-respectable field in which girls didn’t allow to work as easily as in other fields. Many celebrities face so many difficulties in joining this industry. Some of the celebrities have to left their families for working in showbiz. And some have to left this field after getting married, while on the other side there are many who joined this industry after getting married. So it is all about the mindset. In old times working as an actress is considered such a taboo and people don’t like those girls who are actresses. But with the advancement, everything changes and people start taking this field like other fields. And now the showbiz industry is also considered as respectable as other fields are.

Many Pakistani Actresses Who Join Media after marriage with the consent of their husbands. Their husbands not only supports them but also pick and drop them on their shoots.

Lets have a look on those Pakistani actresses who join media after their marriage

Hira Mani:

Hira Mani is only sister of four brothers and she has many restrictions in her house. She loves Mani as a fan but didnt know what has written in her fate. When she married to Mani and this couple starts going to different shows. her inner artist starts liking this field. Mani supports Hira in every thing and allows her to join industry. And now Hira is more famous than Mani.

Hira Mani Dramas

Shaista Lodhi:

Shaista Lodhi gets married at a very young age when she is a medical student. Her mother in law is also a gynecologist. After getting married she gets an offer from Radio Pakistan and after that, she got a chance to be a newscaster in Indus News. Her husband supports her a lot and often drops her at her work.

Shaista Lodhi in Saree

Uzma Gillani:

Famous and senior actress Uzma Gillani once told in an interview that she got married at a very young age and her husband is many years older than her. She so wanted to work in radio at that time but her family didnt allowed her. After getting married when she get an offer from Radio she joined it with her husband’s consent. Her husband is very supportive and allowed her to work in every medium she wanted to.

Pakistani Actresses Who Join Media

Momal Sheikh:

Momal Sheikh who is a daughter of a superstar of our industry Javed Sheikh and her brother is also in her field but her father never asked her to join this field and Momal never gets the courage to ask him. But after her marriage when she gets an offer she asked her husband’s permission who allowed her happily but now she is afraid of her father that wether he allowed her or not. But Javed Sheikh also allowed her and now she is doing so well in the industry.

Pakistani Actresses Who Join Media

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