Pakistani Actresses Who Left Showbiz

Pakistani Actresses Who Left Showbiz After Marriage

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Fame is like an addiction. Once you got fame, you get addicted to it and it is so difficult to leave this addiction. To be praised, to be loved, to be in news, to get attention is such an addiction that it is impossible to leave. Pakistani showbiz actors and actresses get used to this all fame and love and when they have to leave it, it is like they are leaving their lives. Pakistani actresses who left showbiz after marriage are very strong and determined to do it otherwise for an ordinary person it is impossible to do so.

Many of the celebrities’ wedding didn’t last long just because of this single reason that they didn’t want to leave this fame and everything for someone, and it results in their divorce. And some of the Pakistani actresses didn’t marry for this reason as well as they think that after getting married they have to leave all this fame and they are not ready for this mentally.

Let us have a look on Pakistani actresses who left showbiz after their marriage and living their lives happily with their husbands and children.

Aisha Khan:

Aisha Khan is a very graceful and beautiful former actress of our industry. She is very sober and decent and has a huge fan following. Her fans not only love her but adores her. Aisha Khan started her career from Ptv, and then she moved to the film industry as well. In March 2018 Aisha Khan announced that she is leaving the industry as she is moving to the next phase of her life which means she is getting married. 38 years old Aisha Khan married in April 2018 to major Uqbah Malik. Her wedding was very lavish and many stars also attended it. After her marriage, she doesn’t interact with her fans so much and is also not very active on social media as well. A few months ago she is blessed with a cute little baby girl.

Aisha Khan Husband

Naimal Khawar Khan:

The former Pashtun beauty of our industry, Naimal Khawar Khan has not so much on her credit as she only has 2 projects still she has a huge fan following, and her fan following increased after her marriage. She is not married to an ordinary person but to a handsome hunk of our industry Hamza Ali Abbasi. Both make such a gorgeous couple. Hamza and Naimal were good friends before marriage. Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar both left the industry after getting married. Both have different reasons but still, it happened after their marriage. Hamza Ali Abbasi is socially active and is also interacted with his fans. Naimal Khawar not too much but is also active on social media. Both have a son now.

Naimal Khawar Son

Ainy Jaffri:

The former model and actress of our industry Ainy Jaffri is a very famous one. She has appeared in many TV dramas. She is loved by many. She married very secretly without telling anyone and once she got married after a week or two she let her fans know about her marriage. She is married to Faris Rehman and left showbiz after getting married. She not only left showbiz but left this country as well and shifted with her husband outside Pakistan and living happily. Although she is not at all active on social media.

Pakistani Actresses Who Left Showbiz

Arij Fatyma:

The gorgeous former actress Arij Fatyma is known for her acting. She was such a great actress. At the peak of her career, she decided to get married. She married to Faraz Khan in 2014 and in the same year got divorced as well because of unknown reasons. Then again she married in 2017 to Ozair Ali. And after getting married she decided to leave the industry. And now she is happily living with her husband outside Pakistan. She is socially active and now a mommy of a cute little son.

Pakistani Actresses Who Left Showbiz

Sanam Baloch:

The gorgeous actress Sanam Baloch is famous for her acting as well as decent hosting. She hosted one of the morning shows and has a huge fan following. Sanam Baloch married to Abdullah Farhatullah in 2013, who is also a famous host, singer, and songwriter. After her marriage, she is working like before for many years but then suddenly she is out of the screen for some time. And after a few months, Sanam’s divorce news break. She remains silent and out of the screen but now she again gets socially active and shared her pictures with her newborn daughter. And then the whole story got cleared that she again got married and this time she married to Captain Safwan Butt last year and now she left the

Sanam Baloch Daughter

Sara Razi Khan:

The beautiful actress Sara Razi Khan who joined the industry along with her sister Arisha Razi Khan as a child star. And both sisters got so much popular from day 1. Both sisters are very beautiful, talented, and liked by many. Sara Razi gets married at only 18 years of age. She married her cousin Muhammad Umair in 2018. After getting married she decided to leave the showbiz industry, although she is very young and still has a huge career she decided to leave it for her husband and her family. A few days ago she is blessed with a cute little girl.

Pakistani Actresses Who Left Showbiz

Sanam Chaudhry:

Sanam Chaudhry is a former Tv and film actress. She is a brilliant actress with such great expressions. Sanam Chaudhry at the peak of her career decided to get married and she married very secretly to Somee Chohan in a very closed wedding ceremony. After getting married she told her fans about her marriage and she also announced her retirement from the industry. although her fans wanted to see her more Sanam for her husband leave this industry and went abroad with him. She is socially active and interacts with her fans. Shares her pictures as well.

Sanam Chaudhry Husband

Amongst These Pakistani Actresses Who Left Showbiz After Marriage, Whom You Wanted To Come Back On The Screen? Which Former Actress Was Your Favourite? Do tell us in the comments. Thank You!

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