Pakistani Actresses With Their Perfect Engagement Rings

Pakistani Actresses With Their Perfect Engagement Rings

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Jewellery for girls is like their first love. One thing a girl can love blindly is any kind of jewellery piece. The most affectionate jewellery piece for a girl is her engagement ring. She has so so so many memories and affection to it that no other can understand. Our Pakistani actresses with their perfect engagement rings can give you an idea that not only an ordinary girl but celebrities also feels the same way for their engagement rings, although they have hundreds of rings no other jewellery piece can ever take place of an engagement ring.

The engagement ring has this special affection because of the reason that it is a symbol of their new relationship and someone very special put that ring in her finger in front of so many people with such love and a promise of a new life full of happiness. And as it says “Diamonds are girls best friends.” So if that engagement ring is of diamond than it can add more love for that ring. Today we will show you the engagement rings of famous Pakistani actresses so you can also have a look and it gives you some idea of a perfect example of engagement rings as wedding season is almost here.

Let us have a look on Pakistani actresses and their perfect engagement rings

Ayeza Khan:

Ayeza Khan doesn’t have a separate engagement ceremony. She had her nikkah and got married at the same time in 2014. Danish gave her a diamond ring as an engagement ring on her nikkah. It is quite a bold design. The whole band is full of diamonds and in the middle, it has a has an obtrude solitaire diamond which makes this ring slightly different and beautiful from others. Although Ayeza doesn’t always wear it you can see this ring in her finger in her nikkah day.

Ayeza Khan Wedding Ring

Aiman Khan:

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt a famous couple of our industry got engaged in 2017. Their engagement ceremony is a grand function and many celebrities attended it. Muneeb Butt has given a diamond ring as an engagement ring to Aiman Khan. It is a dainty design with one big and two small diamonds on a gold band. The one bigger diamond in the middle gives it a very elegant look and Aiman always wears her engagement ring in her personal pictures.

Aiman Khan Engagement Ring

Sanam Chaudhry:

Sanam Chaudhry got married in 2019. She doesn’t have any separate engagement function. But she is always wearing a diamond ring in her ring finger after getting married and it is safe to say that it is her engagement ring. Her engagement ring is unique and beautiful. All bands have small diamontes on it which lead to a beautiful big diamond in the middle. A very beautiful ring which is cherished by her as well.

Pakistani Actresses With Their Perfect Engagement Rings

Iqra Aziz:

Who can forget the grand proposal of Yasir Hussain at the Lux Style Awards in 2019? Both Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain are also gets criticized for it. Many people called it a pre-planned and some even called it a publicity stunt. But whatever it is we all love this talented duo of our industry who always gives us the best.

Anyways after that proposal, Iqra Aziz shared her engagement ring picture with a beautiful caption that it is one the best moments of her life and how happy she is. Her engagement ring is very beautiful. The whole band is covered with diamonds and a bigger diamond is encrusted in the middle. Love her engagement ring.

Iqra Aziz and yasir Hussain Proposal

Sarwat Gillani:

Srawat Gillani and Fahad Mirza are other love birds of our industry. Sarwat Gillani shared the story of the proposal that how Fahad booked the whole restaurant with decor, cake, and an engagement ring. She is always wearing her engagement ring

Sarwat’s engagement ring is quite a statement piece. As she has a very unique and different style ring. She has a square diamond in the middle of her ring with rectangle-shaped smaller diamonds on a thicker gold band

Pakistani Actresses With Their Perfect Engagement Rings

Sajal Aly:

Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir got engaged in 2019. Sajal always doesn’t wear her engagement ring regularly but she shares her engagement picture in which she is wearing her engagement ring. Her engagement ring has a very unique and timeless design, a thin gold band with a prominent diamond in the middle of the ring. A very simple and elegant design that every girl loves.

Sajal Aly Wedding

Naimal Khawar Khan:

Although Naimal Khawar and Hamza Ali Abbasi were married straight away without any engagement or any prior announcement. Their wedding was a shock to everyone as no one knows about this couple. Naimal Khawar wears a diamond ring on her Barat and Walima in her ring finger is quite a proof that this is her engagement ring. Her engagement ring has a thick band of gold which have clusters of diamond on it in an oval shape. Her engagement ring is different and beautiful.

Naimal Khawar Engagement Ring

Urwa Hocane:

The lovely couple Urwa and Frahan also make news through their proposal. Farhan Saeed proposed Urwa in the most romantic city Paris underneath the famous Eiffel Tower which every girl dreamt of. After that Farhan Saeed shared his happiness with a picture of an engagement ring. The ring has a very unique design. It has a square-shaped diamond in the middle on a square bed of diamonds. The band of a ring also has a very different design which makes this ring quite a statement ring and Urwa always wears it as well.

Showbiz Actresses Engagement Rings

Sarah Khan:

Sarah Khan is the recent bride of our industry. Falak Shabir proposed Sarah on her birthday in a dream proposal and everyone goes aww after their pictures went viral. After saying yes to Falak Shabir, Sarah shared a picture of her engagement ring. What a beautiful ring it is.! The ring has a platinum band with two smaller diamonds with one big diamond in the middle. Making this ring quite beautiful and elegant. Sarah also wears her engagement ring occasionally.

Sarah Khan Engagement Ring

Amongst Pakistani Actresses With Their Perfect Engagement Rings, Which Actresses’ Ring You Liked The Most? Do tell us in the comments. Thank You!

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