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Here we are talking about some famous Pakistani actor who left thier fellow costars behind. While they get more fame and attention then their fellow costars. Lets have a look to these super stars.

As we all know that achieving fame and success in such a short time is quite tuff. While there is a huge competition among stars. Pakistani actors and our drama Industry is famous all over the world. Now actor are never hesitate to choose new roles. While now we are seeing many actors doing challenging characters in drama. Now Actors are wisely choosing thier roles to so that they can get the attention of audience. So here are some outclass stories and drama that have change the views of television viewers and drama fans. Also talking about actors that outshine in these dramas more than their fellow co stars.

Yumna Zaidi in “Pyar Kay Sadqay”

Talking about drama “Pyar kay sadqay” and Yumna Zaidi character of “Mahjabeen” has made fans shocked. As she always come p with something different and interesting character. No one can did this character better than Yumna. She outstandingly did this character and made her alive with her performance. While her co star Bilal Abbas character was also really get appreciate by audience but there is a special place for Mahjabeen in our hearts.

A sweet innocent girl with a twist of stupidity. As she faces a lot of problem just because of her fear and innocence. But when she accidently get married to Abdullah her life started changing, not only she realizes little truth about life but she also changed Abdullah with her kindness and love.

Best Actors
Best Actors

Imran Ashraf Awan in “Ranjha Ranjha Kardi”

Mushk star Imran Ashraf doesn’t need any introduction as he is one of the best actors and he had made a place in our hearts through his character of Bhola in “Ranjha Ranjha Kardi”. As his acting as character in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi is praiseworthy. Bhola a mentally challenged person, and a pure lover of Noori. Being an actor Imran Ashraf has nailed the character of Bhola mentally ill person and we have never seen any other role like Bhola. Some clips from drama is also get very famous on social media at that time.

While his co star was Iqra Aziz is also exceptional in a character of “Noori”. Story revolves around Bhola mother who is a childless woman. She priaises to a Mazar and said to Peer that if she became a mother she will left her first son at Mazar But unfortunately after her son birth her husband passes away. After that she said that she will gave her first grand child to Peer. But Noori explain her that this can be happen to any one and made her think about that she is doing shirk.

Best Actors
Best Actors

Ahsan Khan in drama “Qayamt”

Many time he has win our hearts with postive character But this time Ahsan has something nailed with his Villan looks. Ahsan Khan has totally outshine his character from his costar fellow Neelam Muneer. As she is also a big celebrity but Ahsan Khan has played a role of a rich man who spoiled and abusive husband. A manner less person who lost all of his relations just because of his wrong decisions.

Udaari Actor Ahsan Khan performance as Rashid. In fact he had receive love from all across the border. His acting in character of Rashid is also really admired by Fans. As before he has also played this type of illiterate spoiled person. While Ahsan also said in his interview that a big achievement for an actor is when people love you and they love your character.

Best Actors
Best Actors

Sarah Khan in “Sabaat”

Stunning and Gorgeous actress Sarah Khan appearance in Sabaat as Miraal has something magnetic that can’t be ignored. From Sabaat to Raqs-e-Bismil she is showing her versatile actress and talent in every look. Talking about her character in Drama Sabaat a strong stubborn lady has break the stereotypes. A fearless lady who controls all the things in her hands specially relationship family and her brother.

Miraal is a character of lady who is egoistic and born to rule over people who are connected to her. She never want to fall or fail in any decision which she takes. As she is killing as in the character of Miraal in Sabaat. Her style a way she talks her dressing sense as not just only admire people love but also has break typical character of our drama Industry. No one can did this character better than Sarah Khan does.

Best Actors
Best Actors

Kubra Khan in “Alif “

Feels like from starting of the novel this character of Noor-e-Jahan was already written for actress Kubra Khan. A story of dancer and actresses who left her work her home everything for a man she loves. Kubra as Husn-e-Jahan has set a message for viewers to no love is greater than love for Allah. While she experiences that which she left everything he stands for something else.

Best Actors

When she started love to Allah she forgets every thing her love Abdullah also. She experiences what she never before. Husn-e-Jahan come back to her real world a dancing girl. She dances and dance all the way but inside she is dead. That character of Husne-e-Jahan has not only left impact on audience but also this character has changes her views about life and love.

Minal Khan in drama ‘Jalan’

Nisha character which is played by Minal a new twist of jealousy with her own sister. She has faces backlash over her character but she said Its Ok! doing something big and different will always lead to face difficulties but at the end we will win what we want. Just like Minal has earned a lot of appreciation after this fearless character of Nisha.

Not only this audience hates the storyline of drama and starts taking her acting seriously and Netizens get devastated over what kind of drama serial are they showing and promoting in society. A character of a girl who is attracting her own brother in law. While people started criticizing her that she is also the same in her personal life. On these reviews Minal said that in real life she is totally different this is only a character in drama don’t take it seriously. She said that she also have a brother in law and he treats her as little sister.

But the main thing and huge appreciation for any actor is that audience starts believing thier acting as real and true . And they starts to live in these drama characters. As she has nailed that character of Nisha.

Ahmed Ali Akbar in drama “Ehd-e-Wafa”

Ahmed Ali Akbar is ruling on the hearts of people after his character in Ehd-e-Wafa. While he is most underrated actor after he did alot of projects but his drama Ehd-e-Wafa has changed every thing about his acting skills. Not only this but his character of Parizaad has also left all actors behind. A single man is ruling over whole drama. After his acting in film “Laal Kabootar” he is considering amongst best actors of Pakistani media.

His character of Sheryar is overwhelmed and made people falling in love with him. A character of true friendship honesty. While he has played a character of boy who belongs to a middle class family and his father is a band master. He struggles in life and work too hard in his studies as his life changes when he became a Assistant commissioner. But he never forget his SSG gang and his friends while he is always at first to help his friends what ever the condition is.

Amar Khan in “Dil-e-Gumshuda

Dil-e- Gumshuda revolves around jealous ,rivalry and revenge. While we have also seen her acting in Bela Pur Ki Dayan and she has amazed every one with her acting skills not only this but her drama “Ghughi” in which she has made her debut and gets a lot of success and fame

Amar Khan character as Alizey has played character of antagonist girl who always let down her cousin sister as she don’t want any other to interfere in her life. She played multiple tricks with her mother to made her cousin left her home. She never want anyone to live like she does. While Amar Khan has outstandingly played her role of Alizey in drama “Dil-e-Gumshuda”.

So what are your thoughts over these characters? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment box.

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