Pakistani Celebrities And Their Nicknames

Pakistani Celebrities And Their Nicknames

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Nick Names are funny or humorous names given to a person by his family or friends instead of a real name. It is the name that only a few people know and they call it with that name. Most people don’t want to tell their nicknames to everyone. But if someone is a celebrity so like their every other news people know their nicknames as well. Usually, everyone has a nickname that was given to them by their family or friends. Pakistani Celebrities also have some nicknames, that are now known by everyone in the industry as well.

Let us have a look on Pakistani celebrities and their nicknames.

Mahira Khan:

Mahira Khan is a superstar of the Pakistani industry. She is not only popular in Pakistan but is loved by many in India as well. Mahira Khan represents Pakistan internationally on many platforms and is now an international star. She has a huge fan following and no doubt she deserves all this fame because she is full of talent, good looks, and whatnot. Mahira Khan’s nickname is Mahiru and her whole family called her by this name and they are so habitual of calling her Mahiru that they often call her Mahiru in front of others as well. And now Mahiru is common in the whole industry as well. And Mahira’s close friends also called her by this name.

Mahira Khan Nickname

Momina Mustehsan:

The Coke Studio sensation Momina Mustehsan, who sings Afreen Afreen and got famous in a night. She is always doing something new and is full of new talents and ideas. Ans her beautiful voice Oh my God! Momina also has a nickname and it Momo. Yeah, you read it right. It is Momo. Now we don’t know who had this name first the famous drama Bulbulay character Momo or Momina? But whatever the story is. Momo’s name really suits her and looked like the name of a rock star.

Momina Mustehsan Nickname

Zara Noor Abbas:

Asma Abba’s gorgeous sister who is doing wonders in the industry through her acting. She is just growing day by day and people adore her a lot. Asma Abbas called Zara Piku as a nickname. She always calls her Piku in interviews and everywhere. She said she likes her this name very much. And we also loved Piku what a different nickname it is! I think it suits her a lot.

Zara Noor Abbas Nickname

Nadia Jamil:

If someone says Nado, everyone knows it is a nickname of Nadia Jamil. This name of hers is known by everyone in the industry and everyone calls her Nado instead of Nadia. I think in Pakistan every Nadia has a nickname Nado. It is quite common throughout the country. Do you Know any Nadia, whose nickname is Nado?

Pakistani Celebrities And Their Nicknames

Junaid Khan:

Junaid Khan is a Pakistani TV and film actor. He is also a songwriter and lead vocalist of Call band. He is a very talented actor and doing very well in dramas these days. People are liking him in serious roles. He has also done some very difficult roles flawlessly, and people loved him in those. Junaid Khan’s family called him Johnny as his nickname. Once Junaid Khan told in an interview that in childhood I love to watch Johnny Bravo cartoons and often acted as him also. So my friends start calling me Johnny because of that. And afterward, it becomes his nickname in his family as well. Now in industry, most of his friends called him Johnny.

Pakistani Celebrities And Their Nicknames

Maya Khan:

The strong-headed girl Maya Khan, who is a doorway of hosting. She is such a superb host that no one can even now match her. She is just amazing in what she does. She is known as Dabang Girl commonly because of her hosting style. But this Dabang girl has a nickname Munni in her home. Her mother, siblings, and even his late father called her Munni with love. Maya Khan loved her this name because she has so many attachments to it and she never hides it from anyone instead she told everyone her nickname with so much love in her eyes.

Pakistani Celebrities And Their Nicknames

Sheheryar Munawar:

Many people don’t know that Sheheryar Munawar is Sultana Siddique’s nephew. Sheheryar Munawar is an actor and a producer of our industry. He is one of the handsome actors of our showbiz industry. He is a superb actor and does his best in every role he has done. Nowadays he is not doing so much work. His Nickname is Sherry and is given to him by his family members. And this is commonly known by many of his friends as well. Everyone calls him Sherry as it is quite an easy name instead of Sheheryar.

Sheheryar Munawar Nickname

Hareem Farooq:

Hareem Farooq is a film actress and she is not only beautiful but a great actress as well. She has done so many transformations and did so much weight loss that now looks like a teenage girl and people are loving her fitness and her dedication to her work. Her family called her Hareemay as a nickname. I think Hareemay’s name suits her more than Hareem. Hareem looks more modern and unique instead of Hareem. Which one do you like more Hareem or Hareemay?

Hareem Farooq Nickname

Ahmad Ali Butt:

Ahmad Ali Butt is one of the most friendly and lively actors in our industry. He is friends with almost everyone in the industry. And he can be called a one-man army because he is an actor, director, producer singer, host, and whatnot. He is the grandson of the legend Late Noor Jahan.

Mostly friends put each other funny or some nicknames which are known by only friends. The same is the case with Ahmad Ali Butt. Ahmed Ali’s friends called him Butt Jee in friends circle. and from there this name goes to his family and friends everywhere. Now everyone called him Butt Jee and he also kind of like this name. I think Butt Jee is a cute one. What do you think?

Pakistani Celebrities And Their Nickname

These Pakistani Celebrities And Their Nicknames Do You Like The Most? Do You Know Any Other Pakistani Celebrities Nicknames? Do tell us in the comments. Thank You!

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