Pakistani Celebrities and Their Twin Siblings

Pakistani Celebrities and Their Twin Siblings

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It is quite a common myth about twins brothers or sisters that they must be identical by face but their thoughts, their liking, hobbies, talents, and everything are also the same. But it is not true. Twins are of two types, identical and non-identical. Identical twins are the same by face and height etc but non-identical twins are not the same. While the other things are different for every human being and everyone has a different thinking. In our own showbiz industry, there are many stars who have their twin sister or twin brother. Few of them are the same and few have different likings and dislikings. Let us have a look on Pakistani Celebrities and Their Twin Siblings

Hammad Farooqui and Faraz Farooqui:

Hammad and Faraz Farooqui are identical twin brothers of our industry. Hammad and Faraz are born in September 1988. 32 years old twin brothers entered the industry at the same time but through different channels. Hammad loves to dance so he participated in a dance show and from there he entered the industry, while Faraz started his career through Tv commercials. Both are now acting in different dramas and making their unique space. They are growing day by day. Hammad and Faraz both got married in 2018 on the same day. Faraz has a beautiful daughter, while Hammad is a father of two sons.

hammad farooqui and faraz farooqui

Ainy Jaffri and Meher Jaffri:

Ainy Jaffri and Meher Jaffri are also identical twin sisters. Ainy and Meher born on 9 June 1981. Both the sisters are very talented. Ainy joined the industry as a model at quite a young age and then moved to act. Ainy is one of the decent models and actresses of the industry and loved by many. She has worked in so many dramas. Meher Jaffri is also associated with the industry. She is a filmmaker, producer, actress, and host. Her recent work as a producer is Churails, she also acts in it as well. It got immense popularity throughout the country. Actress Ainy Jaffri got married to Faris Rehman in 2014 and left showbiz after her marriage. Ainy Jaffri also had a cute little son.

Ainy Jaffri and Meher Jaffri

Aiman Khan and Minal Khan:

Aiman and Minal Khan the sensational twin sisters of our industry who took the whole industry to storm. The twin sisters born on 20 November 1988. Both sisters joined the industry at a very young age as a child star. Gained so much popularity as a child star. Then both sisters lost their weight and start coming as the main leads in the dramas. Both are superb actresses and most followed actresses on Instagram. Aiman Khan got married in 2018 with a fellow actor Muneeb Butt. It is their love marriage. Both married at the peak of their careers. After getting married Aiman left the industry for some time and now is out of the industry. But Minal Khan is pursuing her career and is now becoming no 1 actress of the industry. Aiman Khan has a daughter Amal, who is also a little celebrity on her own. Amal is the most loved child of a celebrity. She has her own Instagram account at such age and is more popular than any other celebrity kid.

Pakistani Celebrities and Their Twin Siblings

Zhalay Sarhadi and Zyla Sarhadi:

Zhalay and Zyla Sarhadi are also twin sisters. Both are born on 11 June 1981. Both are very talented actresses in the industry. Both are granddaughters of a famous screenwriter Zia Sarhadi and nieces of a famous actor Khayyam Sarhadi. Zhalay Sarhadi is a famous actress while Zyla is not that famous actress but she is one of the top screenwriters of the showbiz industry. Zhalay also makes TikToks on a famous app TikTok. Her Tiktoks are very funny and she has a huge fan following there as well. Zhalay Sarhadi got married in 2012 and is a mother of a little girl named Anaya. While Zyla is still pursuing her career in the industry.

Pakistani Celebrities and Their Twin Siblings

Ahsan Khan and Yasir Khan:

One of the renowned Tv and Film actors of our industry Ahsan Khan who is known for his acting and is a master of expressions. He is not only an actor, but a performer, host, and producer as well. Ahsan Khan also has a twin brother named Yasir Khan. Both are born on 9 October 1981 in London and spend their whole childhood in London. He started his career in 1988 at the age of 17 years only. He gives many hit dramas and films and is now hosting a show on a channel. Ahsan Khan’s brother is quite opposite to him and doesn’t like to appear on Tv or things like these. He is a normal guy living in London and when someone approaches him and thinks of him as Ahsan Khan, he really gets angry about this because he doesn’t like all this attention. Ahsan Khan is married to his neighbor and a family friend and living in Lahore. He has three children, two sons, and a daughter.

Ahsan Khan Brother Yasir Khan

Komal Aziz Khan and Kaneez Fatima Khan :

Komal Aziz Khan is a renowned beautiful actress of the showbiz industry. She starts from supporting roles at a young age and now coming as main leads in dramas. She is growing slowly and doing so well and now getting popularity because of her powerful performances. Komal Aziz Khan also has a twin sister named Kaneez Fatima Khan. Both sisters are born on 13 April 1990. Komal Aziz and Kaneez Fatima are identical twins but are opposite of each other in terms of careers, liking and disliking. Komal Aziz is an actress and Kaneez Fatima is a stem major and is a doctor. Both sisters are often referred to as Irish twins. Komal and Kaneez make an appearance on many Tv shows as well.

Komal Aziz Sister Kaneez

Amongst These Pakistani Celebrities and Their Twin Siblings, Who Are Your Favourite Twin Sister Or Twin Brother Duo? Do you know any other Pakistani Celebrities and their twin siblings? Do tell us in the comments. Thank You!

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