Pakistani Celebrities Celebrates Defence Day

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Pakistani Celebrities Celebrates Defence Day 2021. Defence Day is also called Youm-e-Difa. We people celebrate this day to pay tribute to our Pakistani army, for their bravery and heroic acts for Nation.

People of Pakistan celebrate this day in remembrance of martyrs who sacrifices their lives to save the country from the enemy. The day reminds our new generation of what our people had done for Pakistan. How bravely they fight and fearlessly sacrificing their lives for the sake of country Pakistan.

Pakistani Celebrities Celebrates Defence Day

Defence day is celebrated on 6 September every year. While celebrating this Historic day, our mind remind us that how our enemy India crossed the National border of Pakistan at night and try to attack at Lahore and Pakistani people united to bravely fought against the Indian Army during the war of 1965.

India’s main mission was to attack Pakistan at night and to take full control over Lahore. Pakistani military and people sacrifice their lives to make this mission failed. They fight fearless and bravely they made the Indian Mission Unsuccessful. The major issue of the war was the issue of Kashmir which is unsolved yet.

Our Pakistani Celebrities Celebrates Defence Day and they have also showed their love and respect for country Pakistan. By remembering this historic day Actress Mahira Khan has share a post with a beautiful message “Today, unlike all the years before it, I write from the heart. Not as a courtesy to a day we celebrate each year, but in gratitude and in awe of what I have witnessed”. Mahira Khan also told her fans about her upcoming project and her heart bonding with it, which is about Pakistan army “Aik Hai Nigar”.

Pakistani Celebrities Celebrates Defence Day

She said” During the making of Aik Hai Nigar, I grew to love the uniform I wore every morning, my heart used to burst with pride every time I saw the medics work, every-time I heard of stories of courage and valor. To go to work every day and be part of these brave men and women – changed something inside of me”.

Pakistani Model and Actress Areeba Habib has also share her love for country. She shares a post of Pakistani Defence Day on her story also.

Pakistani Celebrities Celebrates Defence Day

Actress Imran Abbas is known for his great acting skills in Pakistani Media Industry . He had did many Great Projects. He also shares trailer of his new Upcoming Project for Pakistan Army “Sher dil Shaheen”.

Imran Abbas

Pakistani actor Junaid Khan who has done many great projects like “Sun Yaara”,”Ishq Tamasha” and “Silsilay”. Junaid Khan has shared a video on his Instagram account. In video he is praying tribute to Pakistan Army forces by singing national songs. He pays tribute with love and respect to our soilders of Pak Army.

Junaid Khan

Actor Yasir Hussain has also posted Defence day post on his Instagram Account. He uses a lovely caption for Pakistan Army soliders.

Yasir Hussain

What are your thought over celebrities love and respect for their country? Let us know in the comment section.

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