Pakistani Celebrities With Serious Diseases

Pakistani Celebrities With Serious Diseases

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When we talk about diseases, diseases are of two types. The first kind is the diseases that are small, seasonal or some kind of bacterial and viral infections. And the second type of disease includes life-threatening diseases, chronic diseases, or diseases that are for a lifetime; that means they are with you till death. So everyone faces small types of diseases throughout their lives. But the second type is rare it means only some people have these serious diseases and one has to be very strong and patient to fight with these diseases. In our showbiz industry, it is also the same. So we talk about those Pakistani celebrities who have serious diseases.

Some of these celebrities fight with these diseases and defeat them. Some are still fighting bravely and with some celebrities, it becomes their routine to live with these diseases as these are for a lifetime. We as a Muslim believe that all the good and bad is from the Almighty Allah. We just have to be patient and do our job the rest will be done by Him and everything in the world is in his control.

Lets have a look on those Pakistani celebrities who have serious diseases.

Fawad Khan:

Fawad Khan is a superstar in our industry. He has type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is a disease that stays with you for the whole of your life. It is a life-threatening disease and one has to be on constant medication. Once when Fawad Khan is in India, for his movie Kapoor and Sons. In a press conference, his sugar levels become such low that it is unable for him to keep his eyes open then he has to drink juice and eat some chocolates in the middle of the conference to keep her sugar levels balance.

fawad khan type 1 diabetes

Agha Ali:

Agha Ali is also a famous actor of our industry. He has suffered from a chronic skin disease Psoriasis. It is a disease that can be spread from one person to another and in it, many itchy red patches appear on your whole skin and make you feel helpless. Once Agha Ali’s disease is so aggregated that he has to isolate himself in his room for some time to get better. Now he is fine and living his life normally.

Pakistani Celebrities With Serious Diseases

Asma Abbas:

Who dont know Asma Abbas. The famous actress of our industry. Asma has been diagnosed from cancer a few years back. When she came to know about this , she became so depressed and has to leave everything but then she makes herself strong, fights with this disease courageously and at last defeats it. Now she is also living cancer free happily.

asma abbas illness

Hina Altaf:

Who knows that such a lively actress once suffered from serious depression. She talk about her depression in many interviews. She faces such a depression that she has to take consolation and now she is living a happy life.

Pakistani Celebrities With Serious Diseases

Maya Khan:

Famous actress and host Maya Khan is loved by many. When she did her back to the industry, she got so much criticized for her weight gain. But then afterward she told me that she has thyroid disease and because of which she is gaining weight.

maya khan host

Momina Mustehsan:

Momina the beautiful singer was also suffered from serious depression. Her depression is so much that she got panic attacks. Once she got such a serious panic attack that her whole body is paralyzed for a few minutes and this is a lot for her. But now she is doing much better.

momina mustehsan disease

Iman Ali:

Late actor Abid Ali’s daughter and famous model Iman Ali have a very rare and serious disease multiple sclerosis. It is a disease that attacks your spinal cord and central nervous system. And this disease as also a life long disease. It can cause serious health problems. Imam Ali once also went to India for her disease’s cure.

Pakistani Stars Having Chronic Illness

Hira Mani:

The beautiful and lovely Hira Mani joined the industry after getting married. And once she joins it, she got serious depression. She talked about her depression in many of her interviews. Mani stood strong beside her and she took some medical consultation and now she is just doing fine.

Pakistani Celebrities with Serious Diseases

Nadia Jamil:

Renowned actress Nadia Jamil is recently diagnosed with breast cancer this year. She is such a brave lady and fighting it with so much courage that it gives hope to others as well. She is sharing her whole feelings, medications, chemo, and everything with her fans and they all praying for her speedy recovery.

nadia jamil disease

Uzma Gillani:

Uzma Gillani also suffered from cancer for many years. She fights with it bravely and at last defeats this disease and now living a cancer-free happy life.

Pakistani Celebrities With Serious Diseases

Naila Jaffery:

Actress Naila Jaffery is diagnosed with ovarian cancer and she is still under treatment. Cancer is a very painful disease. Naila is still fighting her battle courageously and we hope she will be cancer-free very soon

pakistani actress disease

Zeba Bakhtiar:

Famous actress and model Zeba Bakhtiar is suffering from type 2 diabetes. This is also a life long disease. Zeba is diagnosed with this disease when she is 22 or 23 years old. From then she is fighting with it and living her life with this disease.

pakistani actress illness

Nouman Javaid:

Singer Nouman Javaid is a famous singer and he also suffered from serious depression. He has such a serious depression that once he tries to take his life but with Allah’s will he remain safe. He suffered many years with this disease. She married Jana Malik but their marriage didn’t work out so they both get divorced. Now he is doing much better and with medication, he is living a normal life.

Pakistani Celebrities With Serious Diseases

Mohsin Abbas Haider:

After all the allegations from his wife, he faced a lot of backlash and criticism from his fans. His whole image was destroyed, and he went into a serious depression. His depression is so serious that he started thinking of suicide. He wrote on social media that I’m suffering from serious depression and wanted to kill myself. Thank you all of you who all bring me to this. Now Mohsin Abbas is all fine and working on his new projects with same enthusiasm.

Pakistani Celebrities With Serious Diseases

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