Pizza Hut get a delivery order from India to Pakistan Netizens reacts

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Pizza Hut get a delivery order from India to Pakistan Netizens reacts. A girl from India want to sent a pizza to his friend lives in Islamabad. Fans are so excited to see hot Pizza Hut gave a reaction and way to deliver him a pizza. Lets have a look!

Pizza is not just a food its an emotion for people. Sometimes mood will get quickly happy when we saw our favorite food to eat. Pizza is one of the most yummiest meal people love to eat. While Pizza Hut is such a famous place to eat great pizza with lots of flavor here.

Pizza Hut get a

Recently a girl placed an order to Pizza Hut branch in Pakistan. She wanted to deliver a pizza to his friend. But the difficult thing was that she was living in India and his friend is in Pakistan. While Pizza Hutt made a solution to this order. Also they gave girl a task to gets 3k likes by Sunday night. If she successful get it they will definitely place her order.

Pizza Hut get a delivery order

Pizza hut recently took their Instagram account to told this all above interesting order details. Also Pizza Hut wrote that she successfully got 3k like before sunday night. Also added “So this brave girl from India told us in the morning today that she wants us to give free pizza to a friend in Islamabad. We told her that we’ll do it if she gets 3k likes by Sunday night….. She did it by Saturday evening! Twitter is so wholesome. Borders mean little here!”

While After this netizens have showed their funny reaction over the tweet. So have a look to some tweets!

So what are your thoughts over this interesting order by Indian girl for his Pakistani friend ? Let us know in the comment box!

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