Rayan Taimoor turn 4 Spiderman theme birthday party

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Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor organize a stunning birthday part for son Rayan Taimoor. Mere Pass Tum Ho star uploaded a couple of pictures of her cute son.

Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor both are seems really happy. Their one and only spider man rayan taimoor has turned 4 this year. While Rayan looks too stunning at the Spider man costume in his 4th Birthday. Recently Ayeza Khan has uploaded a couple of picture from his son birthday with a caption”spider man”. First have a look!

Rayan Taimoor Birthday
Rayan Taimoor Birthday
Rayan Taimoor Birthday

Ayeza Khan spitted wearing a stunning nevy blue gown on birthday. While every one knows that how much Ayeza Khan look after her kids she always take care of her kids Rayan and Hoorain. Also talking about Hoorain dressing so many time she is potted wearing same dress twinning with her mama.

Rayan Taimoor Birthday
Rayan Taimoor Birthday

Look at the stunning outfit of Rayan Taimoor in a spider man look. The whole theme of birthday was organized as Super man theme. Also the cake has a logo of spider man with his birthday year 4.

Ayeza and Danish both also uploaded a picture together from Rayan Taimoor Birthday with a heart caption.

Ayeza Danish

Besides Rayan fans and a lot of celebrities have left birthday wishes for the boy!

So what are your thoughts over Rayan Taimoor spider theme birthday?Let us know in the comment box!

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