Saba Qamar or Sonya Hussain Same Character of SP Sara Sikander?

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Saba Qamar or Sonya Hussain Same Character of SP Sara Sikander? There is something mysterious and curious case about both Saba and Sonya playing same role with same name of same writer ? These both divas has confused their fans. Lets have a look.

It is very common that celebrities announces thier new project to their social media. While this time both top actresses have left us shocked. As Recently they both have revealed about their new project and it is almost same character. A day ago Saba Qamar announces that she is doing again a great project from same writer Umera Ahmed. After the super hit drama Maat she is offer to play tremendous character of SP Sara Sikander.

Sonya Hussain Saba Qamar

She took her Instagram to announce. Saba wrote ” I am very elated to announce my new project Serial killer” while she also mention the writer name Umera Ahmed saying that she couldn’t say no to this promising script.

Also Actress Sonya Hussain posted about her new project at Instagram. Two days ago she posted a picture in costume of Sara Sikander. Sonya told ” A Multiverse Media Production, penned by the unmatchable, Umera Ahmed and directed by somebody I respect a lot and have been meaning to work with Adnan Sarwar.

Sonya Hussain Saba Qamar
Sonya Hussain Saba Qamar
Sonya Hussain Saba Qamar
SP Sarah Sikander

Is it a coincidence seems like that both actress is playing same character but how ? As it is the case of two talented actresses. While digging more into this case. Saba can’t say no to this drama as because of the superb script offered after Maat. She said “I have nothing but love for all my fellow artists in the industry”

Sonya Hussain also open about her exciting new look. She also told that her new project shooting is started. She said “My project has already wrapped up in June, I was very excited that my character in this project would be something completely different so I am also a bit confused about the similarities in the characters”

Both actress had didn’t open up clearly about the truth of character. Lets see what’s new is coming to our screen

Sp Sarah Sikander
Sp Sarah Sikander

So what are your thoughts over Saba Qamar and Sonya Hussain Playing SP Sarah Sikander role? Let us know in the comment box.

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