Salman Faisal and Neha Malik blessed with a baby boy

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Actor Salman Faisal and Neha Malik blessed with a baby boy. Recently the actor has shared this big news with her fans. On becoming an actress got really emotional sharing this big news she took her Instagram to announce! Lets have a look.

Saba Faisal son Salman Faisal who got famous after playing his first role in “Dil Mom Ka Diya”. Salman and Neha faisal tied knot in 11 feb 2019. Also there were all the rumors circulating over the social media that. They both are separated. While Neha Malik has shut up all the fake rumors by announcing his son birth news on social media.

Salman Faisal Neha Malik
Salman Faisal Neha Malik

Recently she shared a cute picture of her son hands on Instagram. While Neha also wrote a caption on picture “So excited to tell you all. Alhamdullilah blessed with a little angel and my only happiness”. While Neha Malik and his husband Salman Malik has chooses name “Rohan Malik” for their cute baby boy.

Salman Faisal Neha Malik

While mentioning her mother name she shared some wonderful experience on becoming a mother of this cute angel. She wrote “Pregnancy is a long journey and a difficult one and so is labor and everything else specifically if you are dealing everything on your own but Alhamdullilah I have a beautiful strong supportive superwoman mother who was there for me 24/7 and in each and every time”.

Salman Faisal Neha Malik

She added “I know what a mother feels for her children and the devoted love, care, pain she takes for her children is unmatchable ♥️ love you loads may Allah always bless you with eternal health long life with just happiness around Ameen” Also neha thank her husband Salman Faisal. While on the other hand Salman faisal took her instagram to express his happiness over the birth of Rohan. “Allah blessed me with a baby boy. Chaudhry Rohaan Salman. “

While talking about Neha Malik and Salman Faisal relation. So they both are not divorced. And the news circulating around social media was fake.

So what are your thoughts over Salman Faisal and Neha Malik blessed with a baby boy? Let us know in the comment box!

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