Sarah Khan loves twinning with her daughter Alyana Falak

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Sarah Khan with two month old cute baby daughter Alyana Falak loves to twinning in all events and pictures. Mother and daughter bond is the most precious relation of world. No one can be a better friend than a daughter. Sarah Khan is newly blessed with a cute little baby girl Alyana Falak. A big change comes to Sarah Life after welcoming Alyana and doing mother duties.

While every celebrities loves to twin with their daughters and families. Sarah Khan also loves to choose same color dresses for Alyana just like she wears. Recently Sarah Khan has uploaded some cute adorable pictures with daughter Alyana. Lets have a look to this mother daughter great twining.

Sarah Khan twinning with daughter
Sarah Khan twinning with daughter

“Mama loves you little munchkin!” Sarah Khan loves to wrap her little daughter into color combo of white and Lavender color. Sarah look stunning matching lavender sweater with same color cap wearing Alyana Falak. Little Alyana wrapped in heart shape design.

Sarah Khan twinning with daughter
Sarah Khan twinning with daughter

Another cute twinning pictures with daughter Alyana Falak. Sarah Khan is marking the winter with such colorful sweaters and uppers. Sarah Khan has wore a pink long front open upeer, and Alyana is wearing a micky mouse light brown romper.

Sarah Khan Alyana Falak

In one of her recent clicks from Turkey. She did twinning with Alyana’s cap. Like mother like daugher Sarah has made a black blue combo with daughter Alyana. Wearing a blue shirt with black jacket and pant. And Alyana is wrapped in blue blanket with black cap.

Falak Shabir

While here is a picture from Alyana Akikah. Also She looks adorable in this cute white blanket with cap. Sarah Khan twining wearing same color dupatta with Yellow outfit.

Falak Shabir

Moreover From Turkey diaries Sarah Khan has wonderful matches coffee color Jacket with Alyana Sweater and cap.

So what are your thoughts over Sarah Khan loves twinning with her daughter Alyana Falak? Let us know in the comment box!

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