Showbiz Actresses in Pathani Topi

Showbiz Actresses Who Love To Wear Pathani Topi

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Pakistan is full of culture and traditions. There is a vast range of traditions all over the country and they differ from one province to another. Every province has its own heritage which they are following from ages. In northern areas of Pakistan, the weather remains cold most of the year so people in that area wear warm clothes to keep them warm and cozy. There they use to wear a special type of cap which is very warm and is called Pathani Topi or Sawati Topi. People of that area wear it from ages and tourist also loves these caps too much. Our showbiz actresses also visit those areas and some of the actresses fell in love with this pathani topi and wear them.

Lets have a look at these showbiz actresses who love to wear Pathani Topi

Momina Mustehsan:

Famous song Afreen Afreen singer, Momina Mustehsan is a new singing sensation in the last few years. Momina Mustehsan loves to travel. On her visit to these areas, she fell in love with this Pathani Topi and wears it. She shares her pictures in it as well.

Momina Mustehsan in Pathani Topi

Naimal Khawar Khan:

Although Naimal was not a part of the industry anymore because she is Hamza Ali Abbasi’s wife she is still in the industry talks. Animal Khawar belongs to a Pathan family and loves her culture. She loved this topi as well and it suits her too.

Naimal Khawar in Pashwari cap

Kubra Khan:

Kubra Khan loves to try different styles and did different experiments with her looks. She also loved this Pathan Topi and wears it. I think she is looking very beautiful in this cute Topi.

Kubra Khan in Pathani Topi

Noor Khan:

Sarah Khan’s sister, Noor Khan is very shy and has a very quiet nature. She doesn’t take part in any gossips etc. Noor Khan also wears this topi and she is looking the cutest one in this Pathani Topi.

Noor Khan Pathan Look

Urwa Hocane:

Urwa doesn’t need any introduction. She is a stylish actress in the industry. upon her visit to the northern areas of Pakistan, she fell in love with this Pathani Topi and wears it. She looks beautiful and stylish.

urwa hocane in Cap

Amongst These Showbiz Actresses Who Love To Wear Pathani Topi, Who Is Looking More Beautiful? Do tell us in the comments. Thank You!

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