Pakistani Celebrities Arranged Marriage

Showbiz Stars Who Have Arranged Marriage

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Not every shiny thing is gold and not every laugh is crying. Therefore, to understand that if one is in showbiz, he will always do what he wants to. This will never happen to some people in showbiz as well. The most important decision of marriage was made by many showbiz stars with the consent of their families and have arranged marriage and some of them remained unaware till the end.

Let’s have a look at those Pakistani celebrities who have arranged marriage:

Feroze Khan:

Actor Feroze Khan is much loved by his mother and sisters. Seeing their love, it seemed that Feroze would get married to whomever he wants to, but all this was a delusion. For Feroze, who was younger than his sisters, the family had big dreams. Even if the girls of the world have feelings for Feroze, but her sisters took the responsibility of finding the sister-in-law. Some people thought that they would make Sajjal a sister-in-law, but that didn’t happen because his sister didn’t approve Sajal as their sister in law. Then her younger sister Dua Malik found Alizeh for Feroze and he immediately said yes to this marriage. And then this arranged marriage happened.

Feroze Khan wife

Imran Ashraf:

Imran Ashraf entered the industry in 2011. Who knew this guy would be so famous. Even though Imran Ashraf lives in millions of hearts, but he left the decision of finding a partner for himself to his mother. The mother also found a princess for her son and thus Imran Ashraf tied the knot and this arranged marriage happened and now they both had a cute little son too.

Imran Ashraf Wife

Arij Fatyma:

Arij Fatyma’s first marriage was to a businessman named Faraz Khan in 2014 and its a love marriage. Then in the same year, the two divorced because they did not get along. Arij Fatyma then has an arranged marriage to an American based  Pakistani physician in 2017. And both are living their lives happily. They also have a son.

Pakistani Celebrities Who Have Arranged Marriage

Sarah Khan:

In a way, Sarah Khan’s marriage is also arranged. When Falak Shabbir proposed to Sara Khan, Sarah’s only answer was that if you want to get married, talk to my family. Agree with my dad first then talk about marriage. And so, after talking to the family, Falak and Sarah tied the knot.

Sarah Khan and Falak Shabir Wedding

Fahad Mustafa:

Fahad Mustafa has also worked hard to reach this fame. Fahad Mustafa has a quite jolly nature but he left the responsibility of marriage to his mother and father. And his parents liked Sana for him. The two have an arranged marriage and are living very happily with each other. And they both have two children too.

Arranged Marriage Fahad Mustafa Wife and kids

Which Pakistani celebrity couple who have arranged marriage do you like the most? Please tell us in the comments. Thank you!

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