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The Pawrii Girl Dananeer Starts Cashing Her Fame, Makes Own Brand

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Internet sensation Dananeer got famous overnight with her one video getting viral throughout the world. Dananeer Mobeen or Geena is a 19-year-old Pakistani girl who is also a social media influencer and went crazy viral after her video Pawri Ho Rhi Hae got viral. The Pawrii Girl Dananeer Starts Cashing Her Fame, Makes Own Brand; let us know how?

Dananeer Mobeen

A single line Pawrii Ho Rhi Hae brings the whole internet to the storm with her video which she made randomly enjoying with her friends at some scenic beauty spot. But who knows that this random video will be loved by so many not only in Pakistan but throughout the world. Not only netizens but also celebrities recreating it with anything and everything coming to their minds.

Speaking to BBC Urdu and in many other interviews, Dananeer told that she is just enjoying with her friends and she suddenly took her phone out and shoot the video and rest is just history. Many international brands like Netflix, Swiggy, and others also contributed to making this video viral and shared memes and videos of Pawrii Ho Rhi Hae Trend.

Pawrii Girl Dananeer

Now when Dananeer, becomes so much famous she makes her own brand to cash her fame as well. She not only made a separate Instagram page with the name Pawrii Ho Rhi Hae but also start selling her own T-shirts with the same name Pawrii Ho Rhi Hae on Instagram.

Pawrii Girl Dananeer Shirts

In one of her recent posts, she told her fans that she is selling beautiful red and white T-shirts with Pawrii Ho Rhi Hae printed on it. She also shared it on Pawrii Ho Rhi Hae Instagram page. She told her fans that her shirts are being sold on pre-booked orders and she will be sending them to the whole country.

She didn’t quote any price of her T-shirts but instead, she asked the buyers to Dm her for price and other details.

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