Top 10 Bridal Dresses For The Year 2020

Top 10 Bridal Dresses For The Year 2020

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As the wedding season is almost here, and brides at this point are just freaking out as they still have to decide their bridal look and they want something which is in the style as well as in their budget and makes them stand different from everyone else. So we are here with our pick of the top 10 bridal dresses for the year 2020.

Designers also know that the wedding season is about to start so they are also launching their bridal collections and hiring top models for their promotions. And all of this creates a very difficult situation for a bride to be to decide what to wear on her big day.

Mostly brides wanted a traditional royal bridal look with proper makeup and proper jewelry while with the changing trends many wanted a different contemporary look for themselves. Although fashion trends are always changing there are still few things which remain the same for bridal fashion. Red is always said to be the bride’s color on her Barat day and 90% of the brides wear red or wanted to wear red on their Barat day. That’s why designers always try to launch at least one red bridal dress in their collections. If you are a bride to be then you can also take inspiration from these designs and can make your own dress accordingly.

In this article, we only selected traditional red bridal dresses from different designers. Here are different styles and different color schemes with red being the main color so let us have a look at the top 10 bridal dresses for the year 2020.

Maya Ali:

Maya Ali is simply winning hearts in this old school bridal look by Ali Xeeshan. Ali Xeeshan is always known for his different and traditional mixed work. He always comes up with something yet simple but with a very different approach and always gives his best. His color combinations were always new and on the point.

Maya Ali is wearing pure red and green bridal dress. The dress has a pure red full-length front open gown with pure green lehenga. Work is a fusion of old school and new techniques. Maya Ali wears perfectly matched old school jewelry to complete her look. And OMG she is just looking stunning. She made a braid of her hair and decorated it with matching hair accessories. Makeup is a mix-up of old school with new makeup techniques. Relatively darker base with kohled eyes and contoured face. The overall look is very beautiful and giving a feel of some maharani type.

Top 10 Bridal Dresses For The Year 2020

Kinza Hashmi:

Kinza Hashmi wears this beautifully intricated bridal dress of Erum Khan. Erum Khan has just launched her in 2011 and in a very little time she has made her name in the industry. Her every designed dress has a story to tell.

Kinza Hashmi is wearing a pure red bridal dress with gold and Kundan work on it. The dress is in a lehenga choli style with a little bit of fusion. the shirt is a choli and the lehenga is a with a tail. The dress is heavily embroidered with a pure chiffon dupatta full of work. Kinza Hashmi styled the dress with very minimal jewelry to make her dress more prominent. She is just looking breathtakingly gorgeous in this beautiful dress.

kinza hashmi bridal shoot

Mahira Khan:

Mahira Khan is wearing Mohsin Naveed Ranjha’s limited bridal collection dress. Mohsin Naveed Ranjha is one of the top designers of Pakistan and his creativeness with his design, colors palettes everything is extraordinary.

Mahira Khan is wearing a deep maroon dress Lehenga choli style bridal dress. The color deep maroon is different from red but gives the same feel. And this specific deep maroon dress is extraordinarily beautiful. All over the dress is intricately beautiful gold embroidery. Mahira Khan took a pure green color shawl with a dress to make it more eye-catching. The deep maroon and green go so well together and give such a beautiful whole look. Mahira paired it up with jewelry having green beats and pure green bangles to give it a more traditional look. And what a gorgeous bride she made.

Top 10 Bridal Dresses

Hira Mani:

Hira Mani has to wear a bridal dress of Karismash by Ahson Shoaib. Ahson Shoiab is a new designer and doing good.

Hira wears a bright red dress with a mix of gold and silver embroidery. The dress is a fusion dress with a little touch of traditional embroidery. Hire wears a frock with a lehenga. The frock is full of embroidery and the lehenga has a detailed embroidered border. Hira mani paired it up with very minimal jewelry and makeup so that the whole importance can be given to the details of the dress. And she has made such a ravishingly beautiful bride.

Pakistani Actress Top 10 Bridal Dresses

Minal Khan:

Minal Khan did a recent bridal photoshoot and she has become the talk of the town. Beautiful Minal is wearing a red and pink contrast bridal dress. It is a new and different contrast and looks very beautiful. The dress is fully embroidered and Minal Khan took two dupattas with it, which I a new fashion trend for brides. One dupatta is for dupatta setting and the other one to wrap it around the waist and then on shoulders to give it a saree look. Minal Khan wears a perfectly matched bridal jewelry and bridal makeup to complete her look. And what a gorgeous bride she has made.

minal khan bridal photo shoot 2020

Ayeza Khan:

Ayeza Khan is wearing a bridal dress of Ansab Jahangir. Ansab Jahangir’s bridal photoshoot has become the talk of the town because with Ayeza Khan her younger sister Hiba Khan also accompanied her in this photo shoot. People are liking Ayeza Khan and her sister Hiba Khan together. His bridal collection is a hit for this season.

Ayeza khan wears a deep red long shirt and a gharara as her bridal dress. The red color is very different and it’s a mixed tone of red and maroon and giving a very new look. The whole shirt is full of golden work along with gharara. Ayeza Khan paired it up with matching jewelry and light makeup so that it gives more significance to the bridal dress. Ayeza Khan is simply looking drop-dead gorgeous in this dress.

ayeza khan bridal shoot

Noor Zafar Khan:

Noor Zafar Khan wears this bridal dress by Ammara Khan. The dress is a powdery pink color full-length gown with gold dupatta, red lehenga, and red shawl. The dress is beautifully made with Mukesh and zardozi work. Noor Zafar carried the look very classically. The dress is a combination of pastels and dark colors coming together as a very good combination and giving a very new look to the bride. Noor Khan paired it up with minimal jewelry and makeup. The whole look is very classic and Noor Khan makes such a gorgeous bride.

Top 10 Bridal Dresses For The Year 2020

Saba Qamar:

Saba Qamar is such a versatile actress and recently she did a bridal shoot for designer Aisha Imran. She wears a deep maroon lehenga choli styled bridal dress and carried it very gracefully. The color itsels is very gorgeous and Saba Qamar makes it more beautifully. The whole shirt and lehenga are heavily embroidered with gold color. Dupatta has work on its borders. Saba Qamar paired it up with matching bridal jewelry and Makeup is minimum. The whole bridal look is very elegant and this deep maroon and gold combination can never go wrong.

Top 10 Bridal Dresses For The Year 2020

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