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Top 5 Pakistani Drama you should must watch in 2021. Time has changed now Pakistani Drama Industry is progressing day by day. When drama telecast in golden age of PTV time slot would be 8 AM to 9 AM but now time has change. While our private TV channel has a lot of dramas to entertain their audience. Countless drama serial on-air on our TV. This is true that like past we don’t make fabulous story writing and tremendous acting like actor before. Talat Husain ,Qavi Sahab ,Badar Khaleel , Tahira Wasti, Durdana Butt and actress like Laila Zubairi is known for their outstanding drama skills. Now time has change sometime there is seen different story writing in TV serials.

Drama like Pyar-e-Afzal, Dastan, Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishan has changes our views for Pakistani Drama. They are working to bring back such quality back like PTV time. Our writers is working how to bring back quality of dramas like PTV time. Its true that standards of dramas is change now but we have some fabulous stories and they are airing on TV now.

There are some Pakistani drama airing on TV on different channel. People won’t miss this chance to see such amazing stories written by great writers Umera Ahmed, Hashim Nadeem.


Pakistani Drama

Parizad story revolves around a dark skinned boy with a name apposite to him. He loves, appreciate and admire beautiful faces. He lives in those people who gives priority to beauty over character. Just because of his name he faces criticism and sarcastic comments from his own family members and people around him. This beautiful character is played by famous actor “Ahmed Ali Akbar“. While the drama is based on a novel story. Novel writer Hashim Nadeem has written this beautiful story line.

Writer Hashim Nadeem has written multiple characters in drama. Ahmed Ali Akbar, and Yumna Zaidi are the leading characters of drama. Moreover Ushna shah, Saboor Aly and Urwa Hocane, Mashal khan has acted in this drama also.

Hum Kahan Kay Sachy Thy:

Pakistani Drama

Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay is a novel based drama written by famous novel writer Umera Ahmed. Mahira Khan, Kubra Khan and Usman Mukhtar are the leading roles of drama serial. Lets talk about the story line of drama. This story is based on a childhood revenge, a murderer and a suspicious character of Mashal.

Mahira Khan has played a role of an innocent girl with intelligent mind. But she belongs to a poor family background. She always faces difficulties in her life because of her parents. While Kubra khan has played character of Mashal, a beautiful girl who is always in inferiority complex and she is always jealous from her cousin Mehreen. Most different character s of Aswad which is played by actor Usman Mukhtar, Aswad who is a rich cousin of Mehreen and Mashal. Who loves both of his cousins Mashal and Mehreen and he can’t leave one for the other.

Moreover story got new twist when Mashal commit suicide. Mehreen faces difficulties as a murderer of her cousin Mashal. The whole story revolves around revenge, hate and spice of love. I thinks audience should must watch this drama for something interesting and suspicious. Fans of drama is really excited as what is going to happen next.


Pakistani Drama

Laapta is also a fantastic story revolves around three different character of same family. Actress Ayeza Khan, Sarah Khan and Ali Rehman are leading roles of drama. The show is written by Khizer Idress. Laapta is quite funny and interesting from starting episodes, but now it has shown reality of life that people faces. Ali Rehman has played role of Shams, a street boy who can do anything to earn money. Ayeza khan as geeti a tiktok star, a girl who know how to cash her social media power. Sarah Khan as falak, a sensible girl who know what way to choose to make her life better.

Ayeza Khan, Ali Reman and Sarah Khan are cousins of each other in drama. While Falak and Shams love each other from childhood. They want to marry each other on the other hand Geeti tries to set his cousin shams inspite she knows his cousin Falak Love Shams. Story revolves around selfishness in Love and Money. While for our audience this is something interesting and entertaining storyline. Laapta has impressed audience with a new story on the screen.

Kisa Mehar Bano Ka:

Pakistani Drama

Mawra Hocane and Ahsan again paired up for this amazing drama “Kisa Meher Bano Ka” a novel based drama. Story is written by Fakhra Jabeen while with a direction of Iqbal Hussain. Kisa Meher Bano Ka revolves around a story of girl who get sacrificed for a unfulfilled promise this role is played by none of the other “Mawra Hocane“.

While Ahsan Khan as “Murad Ali” is palying a negative character of a boy who changes his color wherever he sees benefit. In this drama you will see a new face of actor Zaviyar Noman Ijaz. Yes! Noman Ijaz son zaviyar has started his acting and he is also playing a role of “Mehran” who is in love with “Mawra Hocane”.

Khuda or Mohabbat 3:

Khuda or mohabbat

As our audience love the first and second season of Khuda or Mohabbat. Now this is the time for the blockbuster drama airing on Geo TV Khuda or Mohbbat 3 and people became fan of outstanding performance of Feroze Khan. Pakistani Best actress Iqra Aziz and Feroze khan are the leading roles of drama. Featuring a spiritual romance series of Mahi and Farhad. Feroze khan has seen playing character of Farhad a boy from middle class background who fall in love with a girl “Mahi”. While Mahi belongs to a prestigious rich family and she can’t think to love a man like Farhad.

Moreover Farhad curses Mahi for not loving him back while on the other hand farhad does the same with his neighbour friend inspite of knowing that she loves him. Story has a twist when Mahi fall in love with Farhad but sadly after Farhad death she realizes about her feeling. Moreover, It was just a wrong death news of farhad he was still alive. As he started living his life in a Mazar but after a while they both met at Mazar. Beside people are loving this serial because of splendid performance by actors in drama.

So what are your thought on these amazing drama stories? And tell us about the drama which you like the most? Let us know in the comment box.

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