Two old friend separated during partition finally reunite in Kartarpur

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Two old friend separated during partition finally reunite in Kartarpur. Separated during the partition in 1947 and now the both friend meet each other after passing a long time of 74 years. Imagining that their reunite would be possible and it happen! Let have a look more!

Two friends Sardar gopal Singh is 94 year old and his friend Muhammad Bashir is 91 year old. Both used to sit at Baba Guru Nanak’s Gurdwara and they lunch together there having tea. Pakistani Dawn news have reported about the reunion of two old friend after passing 74 year without each other!

reunite in Kartarpur

While they two both reunite each other at “Gurdwara Darbar Sahib at Kartarpur”. Also a twitter user shared a post about the reunion of two friend “Sardar Gopal Singh, 94 from India & 91 year old Muhammad Bashir from Narowal were separated in 1947 due to partition and met once again in Kartarpur, #Pakistan. Both hugged each other having moist eyes when they saw each other after 74 years”.

reunite in Kartarpur

Also user have showed their joyful reaction over the reunionof Sardar Gopal Singh and Muhammad Bashir “We are lucky to witness one of the last of such partition reunions. Feel sad to realize within a decade this generation will be gone. Only they know what pain they went through”. Also a twitter user posted “Religion and pilgrimage aside for a moment… this is a heart-warming story from Kartarpur Sahib”

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